World Cup 2022 viral moments: Japanese fans clean the stadium despite their team not playing

Qatari football fans were stunned on the first day of the World Cup when a group of Japanese supporters began cleaning up rubbish around the stadium – none of which was theirs.

Qatari football fans were stunned on the first day of the World Cup when a group of Japanese supporters began cleaning up rubbish around the stadium – none of which was theirs.

A heartwarming video of the visitors cleaning up Al-Beit Stadium after Qatar beat leaders Ecuador has gone viral.

The man who took the shot – influencer Omar Al-Farooqun asked “Why are you doing this?” the question is heard.

“We’re Japanese and we don’t leave trash behind and we respect the earth,” a man replies.

This is not the first time that Japanese fans have made a heartwarming gesture. Russia shared a similar picture even in 2018 when they lost 3-2 by knockout to Belgium.


Giacomo Pisa – Sun

Jack Grealish kept his promise by dedicating a goal to a disabled schoolboy in England’s 6-2 win over Iran at the World Cup.

The Manchester City star came off the bench to score his sixth goal as the Three Lions ended their campaign on a high, reports The Sun.

Grealish completed the win late on, England’s best start to a World Cup.

After curling home from Callum Wilson’s gratuitous cutback, Grealish walked away to celebrate.

And the 11-year-old fan, 27, waved his arms in the air in dedication to Finlay.

Grealish met the City supporter, who has cerebral palsy, shortly before leaving for Qatar with England.

Before Grealish wrote his letter, Finlay reached out to Grealish, whose sister Holly also has cerebral palsy, with an emotional letter.

The Premier League later shared footage of their meeting in person, with the City star saying he would celebrate Finlay when he scores his next goal.

At first, Finlay hilariously asked Grealish to do the worm dance, but after the England star admitted he couldn’t, Finlay agreed to wave his arms.

And Grealish did it after the fight against Iran.

He wrote “For you Finlay” with a love heart emoji on Instagram after the game.

And the young man was delighted with the special tribute.

“I met the young Finn about a month ago,” Grealish told the BBC after England’s win.

“He obviously got on really well with her – she also had cerebral palsy like my little sister. So he asked me to do a celebration and luckily it came at the World Cup.

“That’s what it’s all about. For me it’s just a celebration, but for him it will mean the world to him, I’m sure I do, especially at the World Cup. So Finlay, this one’s for you.”

Speaking to BBC Radio Manchester, Finlay said: “Oh my God, it’s the best thing ever. He’s my best mate, I love you Grealish.”


England captain Harry Kane is among those banned from wearing the rainbow at the World Cup after FIFA threatened players with a ban, TV pundit and former England Women’s star Alex Scott has stepped in to reveal.

Scott’s gesture was his bid to show solidarity with LGBTQ+ people in a country where same-sex relationships are illegal.

“I don’t think it’s fair for the players to do that on the morning of the game, they did an incredible job, they knew the rules, it could be one of the biggest games they’ve played, all the players have to think about that. how to win the game,” he said.

“It would make a strong statement. Imagine Harry walking out on crutches.”

The captains of England, Wales, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark were prepared to wear armbands ahead of FIFA’s decision to threaten players with bans instead of fines.

Seven European federations issued a joint statement after FIFA’s decree saying they would not wear them.

“We were prepared to pay the fines that would normally apply to breaking kit rules and had a strong commitment to wearing a bandage,” the statement said.

“However, we cannot put our players in a situation where they can be booked or even forced to leave the field of play. We are very disappointed by FIFA’s unprecedented decision.”

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