Woman seriously injured in German school shooting, police say | Germany

Students at a school in Bremerhaven, northern Germany, used chairs and tables to barricade themselves in their classrooms after several shots were fired at the building, seriously injuring an adult woman.

Bremerhaven police say an armed assailant used an unidentified weapon to wound a female employee at Lloyd Gymnasium High School Thursday morning.

The Nordwest-Zeitung newspaper reported that the man had used a crossbow in the attack, while other media reported that the man was also carrying a pistol.

“The armed person has been arrested and is in police custody,” police said in a statement, which did not confirm rumors of a second attacker or provide information on a possible motive.

The injured person had been taken to hospital, he said. The students and their teachers remained in their classrooms as police continued to investigate the situation, but were allowed to leave the school premises at 12:20 p.m.

The online newspaper Nord24 said a schoolgirl who heard gunshots called the police.

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Lloyd Gymnasium is a secondary school in the upper tier of Germany’s tripartite secondary education system, preparing students for further education at university.

Usually housing around 700 students, local media reported that only around 200 students were in the building on Grazer Strasse on Thursday, to retake their final year school exams.

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