Why Gabby and Rachel kicked out a bachelorette party contestant

The biggest drama was saved for the season’s first rose ceremony. After Chris had previously admitted that he wouldn’t be interested in sleeping with Gabby or Rachel in the fantasy suites if they had been intimate with someone else, a group run by quincey, Jordan H. Y Hayden they debated whether they should tell the Bachelorettes.

Quincey ultimately decided it was imperative to tell Gabby and Rachel, explaining, “I think whoever overheard the conversation and didn’t bring it to their attention is basically keeping secrets from their wife.”

A little extreme, but we’ll accept it.

After Gabby and Rachel found out about Chris’s comments, which Rachel said made her feel “sexualized in some way”, they confronted him. Gabby wasted no time questioning Chris, asking, “Do you think it’s appropriate to talk about fantasy suites so soon?”

He tried to explain his comments, but it was clear the damage had already been done. Gabby and Rachel asked her to leave. And despite an attempt to re-enter the house, he was escorted out a second time.

When it was finally time for the rose ceremony, the host Jess Palmer explained that the roses would be a joint offering from Gabby and Rachel. When the dust settled, Ryan, JohnBrandan and Colin were left empty-handed and thus sent home.

At least they have a new pair of Speedos as a parting gift.

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