Why did Qatar want the World Cup?

It seems a bunch of Qatari fans left early during their 2-0 loss to Ecuador.
Image: Getty Images

A small Middle Eastern country – known by its name poor human rights record — It’s hosting the World Cup, but Qatar actually WANTED it to start? Whatever government officials are responsible for bringing the world’s biggest sporting event to their country must have been keen enough to take the initiative, but there is no enthusiasm from the locals for the event.

The host nation has never qualified for the World Cup before, but received an automatic bid to host the World Cup on home soil and played its first game of the tournament on Sunday. With 12 years of controversy and anticipation leading up to this moment, Qatari fans were leaving at half-time as the world watched the lone game of the tournament’s opening day.

I can’t think of another country in the world where fans would do that. Remember 2014 and how passionate the Brazilian fans were. Now imagine that this was Brazil’s first time competing in the World Cup. Do you think fans would leave because the team lost? No, the fans would probably be in place long after the cleaners finished sweeping the floors. These fans were left in tears when Germany beat Seleção Canarinho 7-1 in the semi-finals. There were plenty of reasons for Brazil not to host the tournament either, but it was clear that many wished they had.

Qatar is the first country since Italy in 1934 to make its World Cup debut as a host nation. Unfortunately, Italy was the only host nation to qualify. Not only did the Italians qualify, but the Azzuri won it all.

Spoiler alert: Qatar will not be able to win this world championship. Hell, Qatar has no business in this tournament.

The quality of the team and the apathy of the fans suggests that everyone already knew that this was one of the last places that should host this event. How about contributing to the discourse? Wait until you hear how they got it. Money may have changed handsthough Qatar has denied the allegations of bribery.

Great government and terrible human rights record aside, it still makes no sense. The 2026 World Cup will be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico, three countries that already have the necessary infrastructure to host. New stadiums are not built and only one US stadium (Arrowhead Stadium) will be required to be upgraded. This should significantly reduce the number of deaths among construction workers about 6,500 He is preparing for the tournament to be held in Qatar.

Bribing your way into hosting an event, killing thousands of people to build stadiums, and then virtually emptying those stadiums during the game like Texas A&M fans are absurdly disrespectful.

The opening ceremony featured every home video they could find of the country’s princes playing football to show that they actually have a ‘football culture’. No one is happy about the World Cup being there, and that probably includes the people of Qatar. If the Arab people didn’t really want it, it seems they got it just because they could.