WHOA! Under Musk’s leadership, Twitter is actually shutting down a nasty, troll that threatens conservatives – twitchy.com

Excuse us while we check to see if hell is freezing over. OK, that’s not fair given that Elon Musk is now “in charge”, but seeing how the “old leadership” has done nothing about the leftist’s horrible tweets and direct threats to people on the right for YEARS And after watching it for YEARS, it’s just amazing.

We understand, the site is under ‘new management’, but still.

The color shocked us. Exactly.

Usually, when a horrible person on the left threatens someone on the right, especially the TikTok Libs or Tucker Carlson, Twitter wouldn’t do anything. Heck, they probably saw it as a reason to check certain accounts… ‘Oh, you hate the same people we do. THIS MAKES YOU CARE, blue check.’

Fast forward to Musk-Twitter:

A Lefty troll is actually suspended…not just locked…suspended.

I never thought that would happen, LOL.

It’s a new day in social media.

Even after the account was suspended, the account’s name continued to trend with more and more people tweeting that they were as surprised as we were.

This is very very true. And it’s gotten to the point in this country where calling them out for being horrible makes you some kind of terrorist.

That is right.

It’s annoying. That’s why they hate the rest of us.

At work.


And wow.

You know, we’ve been asking ourselves who these people are for a long time, and every time we decide, we really don’t want to know.

But isn’t it?

Nice and SHOCKING, which says a lot about Twitter before Musk, and none of it is good.

Yes, there are some disgustingly horrible people on Twitter.

Happy for us.

And you can read about them.


Hateful nut.

Sorry, scary nut case INCLUDED.




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