What the Pros Wear: WPW Baseball Holiday Wish List 2022

For the baseball player, these gifts will be hard to beat this holiday season.

Under Armor Men’s Harper 7 USA Turf Baseball Shoes

One of the first grass-roots boots that you can wear anywhere, even off the pitch, and it’s still the coolest shoe out there.

harper turf

Nike Men’s Force Zoom Trout 8 Elite Metal Baseball Cleats

In my opinion, the Porsche 911 baseball cleats look less bulky than previous Trouts. More along the lines of the classic Trout 1 and I like it.

trout 8 cleats

Nike Kids Future Field Baseball Turf Cleats

If Bo Jackson was 9 years old today, he would be wearing these.

nike kids turf shoe

Rawlings 11.75” HOH R2G Series Glove 2022

With gold and red trim, this wingtip doesn’t get much prettier and will look great in Christmas pictures.

rawlings 1175 hoh r2g glove

Rawlings 11.5″ HOH R2G Series Glove

The claw design of the PRO31 pattern simply makes the game. I can’t help but love these infield gloves and it has such a simple yet elegant design.

rawlings 1150 hoh r2g glove

Rawlings 11.75” HOH R2G Limited Edition Glove 2022

Marcus Stroman tied back with James Kaprelian web – an absolutely lethal combination from the Rawlings/Dick’s Handlove series. This is a glove you’ll get a pitcher that he can wear for the rest of his life.

rawlings 1175 hoh r2g limited

Wilson 11.25” PF88 Pedroia Fit A2000 SuperSkin Series Gloves 2023

For small hands with big 6-4-3 energy.

wilson 1125 pf88 glove

Rawlings 11.5” HOH R2G Series Glove 2022

Another PRO31, but more wavy.

rawlings 115 hoh r2g

Mizuno 12.75” Prime Elite Series Glove

According to our “Best Outdoor Gloves for Every Budget” post, “The Prime Elite is a leather steering wheel model that feels smooth and offers good durability for the price.”

mizuno 1275 glove

Akadema 23″ Mascot Glove

Here’s a guaranteed way to get on TV at the ballgame.

akadema huge glove

Rawlings 11.5” REV1X Series Glove 2023

Rawlings has sneakily released the new REV1X at Dick’s, and its sleeker color scheme is the key to those paying attention to its performance advantages. Check out our video feature on the launch of REV1X.

rev1x 2023

All-Star 33.5” Pro Elite Series Catcher’s Mitt

Tell me it’s legal behind the dish without telling me it’s legal behind the dish.

all star catcher 33 5

Rawlings Horween

Cal Ripken / A-Rod / Tulo would be proud to see you rocking one of these classics. Baseball Express even offers an A-Rod model (RV23); So is Jeter, but Jeter wasn’t wearing Horween.

pro208 1 2

Old Hickory 28NA Bat

Nolan Arenado told me that his Old Hick is basically a combination of the two most balanced bat models (271/141) and I’ve been wanting to swing it ever since. Old Hickory backs this up with their description in the link above.

Troy Tulowitzki Old Hickory Maple Bat

Marucci Puck Button Bat

This year, two of the best players in the game, NL MVP Paul Goldschmidt and 2nd runner-up Nolan Arenado, started using a strange looking bat. It basically has a “puck button”, an elongated knob that moves the balance point of the bat closer to the hands. In other words, a more heavily loaded (larger) barrel will be easier to swing with a disc knob.

IMG 3365

Marucci, Goldschmidt and Arenado all developed this innovative new model in the offseason, and both ditched longtime favorites in favor of the puck button. With this success, expect a number of players to start coming out with these weird looking bats, maybe even me.


Get real

Step into the box against real pitchers in the comfort of your living room. Who wouldn’t want to face Verlander (if it wasn’t for the risk of getting dug in the ribs)?

Custom Number Arm Sleeve (USE CODE blackfriday through 11/27 for 25% off, best deal yet)

It’s simply the most affordable custom bayonet on the market today for just $30. Jeremy Pena had the white microfiber style when he hit his ALCS-winning homer, and Miggy Rojas wore them in different colors all year.

B B09834
B B09692

Nike Catcher’s Gear

I have to mention this release happening on 12/1 at Nike.com and 1/1 at Dick’s. The first round will be extremely limited and from what I hear is $600 (mask not included).

Nike SHA DO Glove

On the same day (12/1) as the catcher’s gear release, there will also be a set of the highly sought-after Nike SHA DO gloves. I’m working on more details on this so follow us on IG or subscribe to our newsletter for more details in the next few days.

Lizard Skins Ultra X Bat Grip

I dig these old school meets new school bat grips from Lizard Skins.

DSP Ultra X Bat Grip Camo Square Info

Bruce Bolt Adult Premium Pro Long Cuff Double Batting Glove

Gloves of murder.


Twin City Dugout Series Socks

Let the calves eat, but do it with pleasure.

84868 source 1630695825 3

What have I missed?