What is behind the silence of Prince Hamzah and his mother, Queen Noor, after royal decisions? Did you heed King Abdullah’s warning?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) A state of silence has broken out on the social media accounts of Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein, former crown prince of Jordan, following measures and warnings led by King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein of Jordan in its latest statement issued on Thursday, May 19 of the current month.

The last tweet was posted on Prince Hamzah’s known official Twitter page on April 4, in which he posted a statement announcing his “abandonment” of the title of Prince.

For her part, Queen Noor Al-Hussein, mother of Prince Hamzah, published only one tweet, on Thursday, after King Abdullah’s statement against her son, without any clear comment, as she only said: “Some things that are really stranger than fiction are is circulating now”, without referring explicitly to King Abdullah’s decision, nor to the statements he made in his message to the Jordanian people about Prince Hamzah.

The Jordanian monarch had warned against repeating Prince Hamzah’s actions, saying in part of his statement: “We will provide Hamzah with everything he needs to ensure a decent life, but he will not get the space he was using to offend the country, its institutions.” and his family, and trying to endanger the stability of Jordan, Jordan is bigger than us, all of us, and the interests of our people are bigger than any of them, and I will not accept that the country is limited to the whims of a person who has offered nothing to his country. Consequently, Hamza will remain in his palace in compliance with the decision of the family council, and to ensure that his irresponsible behavior is not repeated, and that if it is repeated, he will be treated with respect. she”.

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