Wednesday open topic – Colorado Pols

My friend, you say you will try to escape.

Two minutes later:

“You want me to stop telling you why you get negative responses, of course. I’m just telling you what you They wrote in words that did not sound high and mighty.

As you mentioned earlier, this is a forum with minimal moderation, some of which are a mix of people who have been here since the Early Days of Dead Governors. First, you read most of what is written against you with malicious intent. But secondly, you won’t be a righteous avenger who will change the direction of ANY forum for a long time. I don’t know if this is literally the #1 rule of social media discussion, but it’s in the top 10. It predates the Internet; Hell predates the Internet. Take it from the old fart: religions and countries have tried and failed.

There will always be views that contradict yours. Some of them can be disgusting. Reply, understand that both the original post and your reply may be misinterpreted by other posters, intentionally or unintentionally, and move on after a few posts at most. Which is what I’m going to do; I said all I could say. Nothing will change your actions or feelings about the whole matter anymore. Probably the admin will answer, but considering the posts there is As I’ve seen here for ages, I’d most likely prepare you for a diary that reminds us all to be more civil. (Posts of this nature and then diaries happened every 6 months to a year, it seemed, not always published by Dead Guvs; I’m pretty sure I wrote several of them.)”

Guess shut it up, Pollar?

Ian, Jason, is that your policy too? If that’s the case, it blows the skirts of the (quite actually) fair take on other media outlets and media groups that don’t take ownership of the atmosphere they nurture.

Are you OK?