We have converted our Luton Van into a Luxury Motor Home where we Live and Travel Full Time

Couple who converted their Luton van into a luxury motor home are showing it off online.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the couple took people for a ride in their converted van and wowed viewers.

The couple posted tips on how to turn a van into a luxury home on YouTubeCredit: Instagram @thevanbitiousproject

Harry and Nicky decided to live in a van and travel the world, but started living there full time.

The pair revealed it took around six weeks and £5,000 to convert their Luton van.

Harry opens the two rear doors of the van and shows the audience their fully equipped kitchen.

Surprisingly, the kitchen has a two-burner stove where they cook all their food.

“There’s nothing more rewarding for us than cooking our own meals in the back of the van,” Harry said.

The kitchen also has tiles that help the couple have a kitchen cleaner.

They decided to install a small fridge under the hob which cost £150.

There is also plenty of storage space for cutlery and non-perishable food.

Nicky designed the sink area with a gold tap and £8 mirror which adds lots of light and sparkle to the motor home.

Harry said in the video: “Nikki is a bargain queen. He loves a bargain.”

The bathroom has a marble panel effect on the walls and the couple has hot and cold water.

The shower is a part of the car that they are both particularly proud of because of how luxurious it looks.

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Sharing on social media is a part of their lives, so they built a sofa area to work from.

“I usually find myself editing videos in the couch area,” Niki said in a YouTube video.

The van also has speakers that can be plugged into their phones and power outlets to charge their laptops.

The most expensive item they bought was a £250 coffee machineCredit: Instagram @thevanbitiousproject

Currently, the couple has 20,000 subscribers on their YouTube channelCredit: Youtube @ TheVanbitiousProject