Vladimir Putin ‘will be sent to a sanatorium to avoid a coup’, says the former head of MI6 – Archyworldys

After new claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin requires 24-hour medical attention, Sir Richard Dearlove says the ailing dictator is likely to be sent to a sanatorium next year.

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Vladimir Putin ‘is clearly seriously ill’, says Christopher Steele

It is simply a matter of time before Vladimir Putin he has left with plans afoot to send him to a sanatorium, a senior former MI6 chief predicts.

The warmonger could be committed to a facility for the medical treatment of people with chronic diseases by next year, says Sir Richard Dearlove.

There have been a number of claims about the leader’s health, with some reports suggesting he is suffering from cancer, undergoing chemotherapy and steroid treatment, among other ailments.

Other reports claim that Putin suffers from Parkinson’s or early-stage dementia.

Speaking on the One Decision podcast, the former head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service says Putin will soon be leaving office for medical treatment.

Putin is likely to be sent to a sanatorium next year, it has been claimed


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“I think he will be gone by 2023, but probably to the sanatorium, from which he will not emerge as the leader of Russia,” he said on the show.

“I am not saying that he will not come out of the sanatorium, but he will no longer emerge as the leader of Russia.

“That’s one way to move things forward without a hit.”

Putin’s health has been failing for more than five years, new research into the dictator’s deteriorating condition claims.

Sir Richard Dearlove says it’s only a matter of time before he’s gone



It has been suggested that the Russian president has disappeared from the public eye for weeks since 2017.

The independent Russian media outlet Proekt carried out the study and analyzed their absences, as well as visits from specialist doctors.

Secret visits to the doctor over the past five years show that his health has been failing for some time, reports Express.co.uk.

It comes as former spy Christopher Steele, who ran MI6’s Russia office in London, says Putin is seriously ill and now needs 24-hour medical attention.

It is a way of avoiding a coup, it has been affirmed


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He believes the 69-year-old president’s mysterious illness has left the Kremlin reeling as they grapple with Putin’s health and the war in Ukraine.

“He’s constantly accompanied by a team of doctors,” he told LBC’s Eddie Mair last week.

“The security council meetings that are supposed to last a whole hour are actually divided into various sections, he goes out and receives some kind of medical treatment between those sections.

“So clearly he’s seriously ill, it’s not clear how terminal or incurable he is, we can’t be completely sure.”

“But it’s certainly having a very serious impact on the government of Russia right now.”

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