Univision Mocks Trump’s CPAC Message to Mexico About God, Family, Country

Journalists routinely cover abortions, transgender rights, the sexualization of high school children, same-sex marriage, and more. al, has now become a guardian of virtue — that is, Donald J. Trump, who is “agnostic and has five children by three different women,” but has dared to call out a group of “ultra-conservatives” gathered in Mexico. City, “Defending God, Family and Country.”

The virtue signal came in the form of a story posted on Univision.com under the general Univision byline regarding Trump’s pre-recorded message broadcast at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Mexico City. .

.com article titled – Trump’s unusual call to conservatives gathered in Mexico to defend God, family and country continued:

“Despite not practicing any religion and having five children by three different women, Former US President Donald Trump called a group of ultraconservatives gathered in Mexico City to defend God, family and country. “It is very important for conservatives across the hemisphere to come together to defend God, family and country,” Trump said.


“The new Republican presidential nominee has called for a halt to what he calls the advance of socialism. And just don’t let it continue to wipe out the region or our land. We must rebuild our economies and support our workers and families.”

FACE IRAQ! – Trump has five children by three different women, a fact that apparently disqualifies the former president from saying to Univision that it is “very important for conservatives across the hemisphere to come together to ‘defend God, Family and Country’.” In fact, it is perfectly fine to abort unwanted babies at any time before they are born, transfer minors or take them to queen shows, but have children with different spouses? How dare Trump?

The Univision.com article also criticized the “novice candidate for the Republican presidential nomination” for calling for an end to the advance of socialism in a city run by a leftist administration. “Trump said he was confident that ‘this vital mission’ would be accomplished by the people who gathered last weekend in Mexico’s capital, which has been ruled by the left for decades.” By the way, the opposite is the perfect place to do it, given the number of Mexicans fleeing to our southern border – far left and in search of the “American Dream.”

Univision also criticized Mexican star and pro-life activist Eduargo Verástegui. The article dismisses him as an ex-pat whose ticket to fame is a low-echelon Mexican genre. telenovelas: “In his message, the former president also thanked Eduardo Verástegui, an actor famous for appearing in Mexican television series promoted by a conservative group in Mexico and who currently heads CPAC’s Mexico office. The group intends to nominate Verashtegui for the presidency of Mexico.”

As they say, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Look out, Univision, soap operas subsidizing yours and other Latino media operations since time immemorial. Thanks to their popularity, Verástegui is one of Mexico’s prominent and much-loved screen personalities, a position he uses to promote life and Christian values.

But such is the double standard at Univision, which advertisers love Fever Enables reporting of opinion from Procter & Gamble. Follow the link to report your concern.