University offers weekly “mood walks” to help students relieve stress

Algonquin College counselor John Muldoon leads students in “humor walks” every Wednesday throughout the summer. Photo credit: Wawina Nzibu

At Algonquin College, students are back on campus, mask mandates have been lifted, and programs new and old are returning to school. Those looking for a way to relieve stress might consider joining Mood Walk. Every Wednesday from 1 p.m. reset for the rest of the week.

Mood Walk is a province-wide initiative, led by the Canadian Mental Health Association of Ontario. Algonquin College adapted the program to the school to help students get more in touch with nature. The benefits of these types of experiences are well known. Walking in nature, nature therapy or Shinrin Yoku in Japanese (“forest bathing”), it is the art of reconnecting with nature and getting away from technology.

“There’s a lot of science showing that being outside in nature actually stimulates all the different feel-good hormones in the body,” said Muldoon, who loves walking around campus and discovering new flowers and small animals like squirrels. and rabbits.

The counseling center is spreading the word through posters and online announcements. Muldoon hopes more students will learn about and participate in the program now that COVID restrictions have been relaxed.

Levine Hussein, a student in the business management and entrepreneurship program, said she didn’t know about the walks but is “very interested in things like that.”

Student Renisha Patel, also from the business management and entrepreneurship program, said: “I love nature, but the only drawback is that I have class between those times, from 12 to 3”.

If you want to join a walk, go to the ACCE building on the first floor near the biowall, Wednesdays at 1 pm, and someone will be there to lead the walk.

“Rain or shine, the Mood Walk will continue,” Muldoon said.

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