Ukraine war: Mass blackouts and water shortages in Kyiv and Lviv after Russian attacks

Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, the western city of Lviv and parts of neighboring Moldova were plunged into darkness on Wednesday after a new wave of Russian airstrikes.

Kyiv’s water supply has also been affected after Russian missiles damaged energy infrastructure and caused power outages in various Ukrainian cities, as well as killing three people.

Vitali Klitschko said on the social network that due to the fire, the water supply was stopped in all of Kyiv.

Governor Alexiy Kuleba said that “all” of the surrounding Kyiv region was left without electricity.

At least 3 people were killed and 6 people were injured as a result of Russia’s strikes on Kyiv, city officials said.

“As a result of the attack, a two-story residential building was damaged. Three people died and six were injured,” the city’s military administration said on Telegram

“The enemy is firing missiles at important infrastructure facilities in the city of Kyiv. Stay in shelters until the weather warning ends,” Kyiv city administration said on social media.

Meanwhile, AFP journalists reported that electricity was cut in the north and center of Kyiv. The energy operator DTEK said that after the strikes, “an emergency shutdown of electricity was implemented in Kyiv”.

Engineers are “doing everything possible to stabilize the situation as quickly as possible,” DTEK said.

“Several more explosions occurred in different districts of the capital,” Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said on Telegram, adding that rescue services and medical personnel were on the scene.

Oleksiy Kuleba, governor of Kyiv region, said that the Russians hit residential buildings and important infrastructure facilities in the (Kyiv) region. There is a danger of being fired upon again. Stay in the shelters!”

Moldova also said it was affected by the strikes.

“As a result of Russia’s bombing of Ukraine’s energy system, there has been a blackout in the entire country in the last hour. “Moldelectrica is working on the restoration of electricity supply,” Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Spinu wrote on Facebook.

The World Health Organization warned on Monday that the lives of millions of Ukrainians are at risk this winter as the country’s power grid struggles under Russian attacks.

Earlier, as a result of Russian strikes, a newborn baby and two other civilians were killed in a Ukrainian maternity hospital.

Ukraine’s emergency services said Russian missiles hit a building overnight in Vilniansk, part of Russia’s southern Zaporozhye region, in the latest attack to damage medical facilities since the start of the war nine months ago.

They released a video of emergency workers trying to free a man trapped up to his waist under the debris of the destroyed maternity hospital.

“As a result of a rocket attack on the territory of the local hospital, the two-story building of the maternity ward was destroyed,” they said in a statement.

They added that “a woman with a newborn baby and a doctor” were inside the building at that time.

The rescuers said that the baby died while the woman and the doctor were being pulled out from under the rubble

Originally published as water and electricity outages in Ukraine and Moldova after Russian airstrikes