Ukraine war could become ‘waiting game’ between Russia and Europe, Biden admits | World | News

The president of the United States admitted that the conflict over Ukraine could turn into an endurance competition between Russia and Europe. He said: “I think at some point there will be a bit of a waiting game: what the Russians can handle and what Europe will be willing to handle.”

On Tuesday, the United States called the Kremlin “appalling” for suggesting that two American citizens captured while fighting for Ukraine against the Russian invasion could face execution.

John Kirby, a White House spokesman, spoke to reporters after the Kremlin spokesman said the two men are not protected by the Geneva POW Conventions.

He said: “It is terrible that a public official in Russia even suggested the death penalty for two American citizens who were in Ukraine.”

Kirby, a White House foreign policy spokesman, said the Kremlin was being reckless at best with the comments.

He said: “Whether they really mean what they’re saying here, and that this could be a result, that they could impose a death sentence on two Americans who were fighting in Ukraine, or that they just feel like it’s something responsible for a big power to do, to speak of doing this…, any one of them is equally alarming”.

The United States and its allies have found unity on sanctions and the supply of successive weapons packages, but many European nations remain heavily dependent on Russian energy, and natural gas needs will increase in winter.

The State Department confirmed Tuesday that a second American had been killed, identified the man as Stephen Zabielski, 52, and again issued the now almost daily plea for American citizens to stay away.

A State Department spokesperson said, “We reiterate once again that US citizens should not travel to Ukraine due to the active armed conflict and the targeting of US citizens in Ukraine by Russian government security officials.”

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