Ukraine praises guerrillas for helping destroy Russian artillery

The Zaporizhzhia Military Administration celebrated the destruction of Russian artillery systems and praised Ukrainian guerrillas and fighters for their actions in a Telegram post on Saturday.

Ukraine has been defending the country from Russia’s invasion since February 24.

“Furthermore, thanks to concerted action with the guerrillas, Ukrainian riflemen destroyed several artillery systems of the Russian army,” the translated post said. “The invaders responded to these defeats by tightening controls at checkpoints and inspecting not only private cars but also public transport in Melitopol.”

news week contacted the Russian Defense Ministry for confirmation and comment.

“The Ukrainian army continues to push the enemy south,” the post continued. “Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!”

They praise the partisans of the Riflemen of Ukraine
The Zaporizhzhia Military Administration praised Ukrainian guerrillas and fighters for the destruction of Russian artillery systems in a Telegram post on Saturday. Above, Andrii Paliy prepares a bulletproof vest with armor plates that he makes in his workshop in Zaporizhzhia on May 1.

Zaporizhzhia, with a population of about 722,000 before the war, is located in southeastern Ukraine and is home to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. It is the administrative center of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast region.

In Melitopol, the Associated Press reported in a tweet on Tuesday that “Ukrainian guerrillas allegedly killed several high-ranking Russian officers in the southern city of Melitopol. No details of the killings were released and the report could not be immediately verified.”

The Russian military reported Thursday that it had destroyed Ukrainian armored vehicles in the region the previous week. That attack was reported to have occurred near the village of Vishnevoe.

“On May 14, 2022, Russian servicemen in the Zaporizhzhia region stopped an attempted counterattack by Ukrainian armed formations,” the Russian military said.

In that attack, Russia said it destroyed 26 Ukrainian tanks and 12 infantry fighting vehicles, killing about 100 soldiers.

Saturday’s announcement by the Zaporizhzhia Military Administration came on the heels of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a Ukrainian television interview praising Ukraine’s military members for their service. He told the forces that they had broken the “backbone” of “one of the strongest armies in the world.”

“We already have,” he told the station. “Even psychologically. They won’t recover for years to come. But let’s not forget that all our soldiers want to live too.”

Zelensky also insisted that the only way to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is through diplomacy, as “there are things that can only be achieved at the negotiating table.”

“Discussions between Ukraine and Russia will definitely take place. Under what format I don’t know, with intermediaries, without them, in a larger group, at the presidential level.”

Until peace can be negotiated, he acknowledged that the brutal fighting will continue and “will only end definitively through diplomacy.”

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