Ukraine News LIVE — Russian strikes pay off for bad Putin as 10 dead and 70% of frozen Kiev left without power

According to reports, Putin is preparing for the next wave of mobilization

Putin is preparing to order a “second wave of mobilization” after Russian forces suffered heavy losses on the battlefield in Ukraine.

According to the advisor of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin plans to call “500-700 thousand” Russians into the army.

Anton Gerashenko said: “Russia is preparing for the 2nd wave of mobilization in January. The plan is to make 500,000-700,000 projects. 300,000 already prepared – already killed / wounded / demoralized.

It comes as Sergei Surovik, dubbed “General Armageddon” by the Russian press for his ruthlessness, is under increasing pressure to justify his withdrawal. Kherson last week.

Surovik called for a withdrawal, arguing that it would allow the Kremlin to save valuable equipment and manpower. However, according to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Russian losses continue to increase and this week exceeded 85 thousand.