Ukraine Breaking News: Russia ‘Sacked Top Commanders Over War Failures’, UK Claims

Republican Senate delegation meets with Zelensky in Ukraine

Russia has sacked some of its top military commanders over their failure to capture Kharkiv and the sinking of the Moskva missile warship in April, the UK Ministry of Defense said today.

The commanders were fired for their poor performance in the initial stages of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Defense Ministry said in its latest intelligence update.

“Lt. Gen. Serhiy Kisel, who commanded the elite 1st Guards Tank Army, has been suspended for failing to capture Kharkiv,” defense officials said.

They added: “Vice Admiral Igor Osipov, who commanded Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, has also likely been suspended following the sinking of the Moskva cruiser in April.”

The British Defense Ministry said “a culture of cover-ups and scapegoating is likely to prevail within the Russian military and security establishment” behind the recent looting.

Meanwhile, Volodymyr Zelensky has submitted a bill to Ukraine’s parliament to extend martial law, first imposed on February 24, and conscription by three months.

The text of the bill, which was presented by the Ukrainian president, has not yet been published.


Documentary: The true horror of Russia’s war in Ukraine

Our international correspondent bell trew he has traversed Ukraine since the war began, finding a trail of destruction and pain.

Here is the documentary he has made with Independent TV about the true horror of Vladimir Putin’s war:

Documentary: The true horror of Russia’s war in Ukraine | On the floor

Ukraine’s defenses have managed to repel Russian forces from various parts of the country, liberating towns and cities from Russian control. But as soldiers withdrew, Ukrainians returned to find areas destroyed by shelling and signs of possible war crimes, with many residents recounting scenes of torture, execution and sexual violence. Bel Trew has traveled through Ukraine, finding a trail of destruction and Ukrainians trying to find out about the fate of their loved ones, documenting what happened and trying to rebuild their lives.

Rory SullivanMay 19, 2022 07:37


Russia fired top commanders for failing to capture Kharkiv and for sinking Moskva, UK claims

The British Defense Ministry said Russia has sacked its top army commander for multiple failures and poor performance over the course of the Ukraine invasion.

“In recent weeks, Russia has fired senior commanders who are seen as having performed poorly during the initial stages of its invasion of Ukraine,” the Defense Ministry said in its latest intelligence update.

Citing the sacked officers, he added: “Lt. Gen. Serhiy Kisel, who commanded the elite 1st Guards Tank Army, has been suspended for failing to capture Kharkiv.”

“It is likely that Vice Admiral Igor Osipov, who commanded Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, was also suspended following the sinking of the Moskva cruiser in April,” the ministry said.

“Russia’s Chief of Staff Valeriy Gerasimov is likely to remain in office, but it is unclear whether he retains President Putin’s trust,” the officials said in the update.

A “culture of cover-ups and scapegoating is likely prevalent within the Russian military and security establishment,” the ministry said.

“Many officials involved in the invasion of Ukraine are likely to be increasingly distracted by efforts to avoid personal blame for Russia’s operational setbacks,” he added.

This could likely add further pressure on Russia’s “centralized command and control model, as officers increasingly seek to defer key decisions to their superiors.”

It will be difficult for Russia to regain the initiative under these conditions, the ministry said.

Harpan RaiMay 19, 2022 07:00


Russia could recruit students in Donetsk, warns Ukraine

Ukraine has claimed that Russia could call on university students in the occupied territories to join the fight as it faces a lack of troops.

The Ukrainian military said the “Russian enemy does not stop conducting offensive operations” in the direction of Donetsk, as it remains Moscow’s main focus.

“In the absence of mobilization resources in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk Oblast, the occupation military command plans to involve students of higher educational institutions in hostilities,” the officials said in a military update on Thursday.

They added that Ukrainian forces last night repulsed 16 enemy attacks in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and destroyed eight tanks, 17 units of armored fighting vehicles, four special armored vehicles and six conventional enemy vehicles.

Harpan RaiMay 19, 2022 06:43


Russia says one dead after Ukraine bombs village in Kursk

At least one civilian was killed early Thursday after Ukrainian forces shelled a village on Russia’s western border of Kursk, regional governor Roman Starovoit said.

The shelling targeted an alcohol factory in Tyotkino and several other buildings in the surrounding area, Starovoit said.

Harpan RaiMay 19, 2022 06:11


US resumes embassy functions in kyiv

The United States will open its embassy today and resume diplomatic functions from kyiv, almost three months after it was closed due to the Russian invasion.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “We stand proud and continue to stand with the government and people of Ukraine as they defend their country.”

Harpan RaiMay 19, 2022 05:52


George Bush Says Iraq Invasion ‘Unjustified’, Then Corrects Ukraine

Former US President George W. Bush condemned the “one man” invasion of Iraq instead of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in an awkward slip on Wednesday.

“The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and one man’s decision to launch a brutal and unwarranted invasion of Iraq,” Bush said, immediately correcting himself after realizing the error. “I mean, from Ukraine.”

He followed with “Iraq too” under his breath, adding “75”, a reference to his age.

The former US president, who led the 2003 invasion of Iraq in response to the 9/11 terrorist attack, was addressing an event at the Bush Presidential Center at Southern Methodist University.

Harpan RaiMay 19, 2022 05:26


Japan will increase financial aid to Ukraine to $600 million, says Prime Minister Kishida

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that the country will double fiscal aid for Ukraine to $600 million (£484 million) as it remains under Russian invasion for 85 days.

Tokyo’s financial aid is synchronized with the World Bank and is designed to help Ukraine as its short-term fiscal capacity has been affected by the conflict.

The G7 nation had first announced aid to Ukraine through loans worth $300m (£242m) in April, in addition to some military equipment.

Harpan RaiMay 19, 2022 04:55


Russian soldiers executed and tortured civilians: Human Rights Watch

Russian troops occupying Ukrainian territories in kyiv and Chernihiv subjected civilians to executions, torture and other serious abuses that are classified as war crimes, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.

The crimes were recorded from the end of February when Russia invaded Ukraine and until March.

“In 17 towns and small cities in the kyiv and Chernihiv regions visited in April, Human Rights Watch investigated 22 apparent summary executions, 9 other unlawful killings, 6 possible enforced disappearances, and 7 cases of torture,” the human rights collective said.

At least 21 civilians described illegal confinement in inhuman and degrading conditions, the group that investigates human rights abuses said.

Civilians have detailed the killing of their family members by Russian troops and their detention “for days or weeks in filthy, suffocating conditions in places like a school basement, a room in a window manufacturing plant, and a well in a boiler room, with little or no food, inadequate water, and no access to toilets.”

Harpan RaiMay 19, 2022 04:28


Ukraine says Zaporizhzhia plant does not supply electricity to Russia

Officials in Ukraine have dismissed reports that the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant was supplying electricity to Russia, as Moscow alleged on Wednesday.

Ukrenergo, the country’s state power grid operator, denied the claims, saying: “Ukraine’s power system currently has no physical connections to Russia’s power system. Therefore, the supply of electricity from Ukrainian power plants to Russia is currently physically impossible.”

Harpan RaiMay 19, 2022 04:13


UN and Russia in ‘intense contact’ over Ukrainian grain export

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he is in “intense contact” with Russia and other countries in hopes of a deal that would allow the export of grain stored in Ukrainian ports to help alleviate world hunger. .

He told a ministerial meeting on the escalating food security crisis, which he said is “at a new level” after being exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, that “there is still a long way to go”.

Displaced children receive food aid in a camp in Yemen’s Hodeidah province

(Khaled Ziad/AFP/Getty)

“The complex economic, financial and security implications require goodwill on all sides to reach a global agreement,” he said.

“I won’t go into details because public statements could undermine the chances of success.”

The number of people facing severe food insecurity doubled in just two years from 135 million before the pandemic to 276 million today, Guterres said.

More than 500,000 people are living in famine conditions, an increase of more than 500 percent since 2016, it added.

Lamiat SabinMay 19, 2022 03:00

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