UK storm forecast: Met Office predicts thunderstorms after scorching 40C heat | Time | News

This long-awaited relief will hit the southwest first, then move further north. Rain will also hit the northwest after a day where temperatures could hover around 40C.
The forecast for tonight reads: “It is still very hot in central, southern and eastern England, but elsewhere the night is cooler than recently. “Some rain in the far north and maybe some thunder in the south and southeast.”

Parts of south-east, central and northern England are under a red weather warning for extreme heat today.

It is the last stretch of the 48-hour level 4 national emergency alert, which warns that such intense heat could cause health effects for the entire population and endanger life.

The warning will end at midnight, which will also cause temperatures to start falling back to normal for this time of year.

For tomorrow, the Met Office predicts the mercury will cool but remain hot in parts of the east and southeast.

This is where some heavy rains can develop, he says.

Thunderstorms are back on the agenda Friday, with the forecast adding: “Showers or thunderstorms in places on Friday, before turning dry and warm far to the northwest. Rain spells are developed here.

The rain will bring about a much-needed break from the scorching temperatures the country has been feeling.

The Met Office is calling today a “historic heat wave” where it admits it has never forecast 40C in the UK before.

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The chances of seeing 40C days in the UK could be up to 10 times more likely in the current climate than in a natural climate unaffected by human influence.”

People have been urged not to ride the railways today due to buckling of the tracks and even melting asphalt in some areas.

Those who cannot avoid traveling are urged to carry water with them at all times.

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