UAE issues sandstorm warning with poor conditions expected to last through Sunday

The National Center for Meteorology (NCM) has issued a sandstorm warning for much of the United Arab Emirates due to strong winds blowing up dust and sand.

The sandstorm is expected to dramatically reduce air quality throughout the region and affect visibility on highways.

The MNC He has said that the winds will be around 40 Km/h and the waves could reach 6 feet causing storm surge.

Police have already warned drivers to be especially careful on the roads due to poor visibility of less than 100m.

And meteorologists warned that dust problems could last all weekend.

The sandstorm has already affected the United Arab Emirates, with the Plume app calling the air in Abu Dhabi “aeropocalyptic” last night. The rating of 531 at 1 a.m. meant the air was “extremely hazardous to health.”

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