Two dead after head-on collision between transport trucks at TCH near Bishop’s Falls

The Bishop’s Falls fire chief says it’s the worst accident scene he’s ever been to.

The Trans Canada Highway remains closed near Bishop’s Falls, where two tractor-trailers, both carrying heavy loads, collided head-on and caught fire around 8:30 last night. RCMP says the crash claimed the lives of both drivers.

Traffic will be diverted through the city for the next few days as investigators continue their work at the scene.

Bishop’s Falls Fire Chief Gary Harnum says the two rigs were completely submerged when they arrived on scene.

The Bishop’s Falls Fire Department tackled the fire with the help of the Grand Falls-Windsor Fire Department and managed to put it out fairly quickly despite some challenges on scene.

He says that the water had to be relayed to the scene due to its location on the road.

The fire department was called to the scene around 3:00 this morning to put out some still smoldering rubber tires. They left the scene around 7:00 this morning.

Harnum says his members are doing well under the circumstances and there are plenty of supports available.

They had a meeting last night and another meeting is planned today for tomorrow while some of their team members are trained in trauma response.

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A horrific head-on collision involving two haul trucks forced the closure of the Trans Canada Highway in central Newfoundland last night.

The collision resulted in a widespread fire and forced traffic around the scene to be rerouted through Bishop’s Falls while crews attended the scene. RCMP confirms that traffic is still being diverted through the community this morning as officers continue to process the scene.

There is no immediate news about injuries.

Police are asking witnesses to the collision to contact them.

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