Twitter urges judge not to delay Elon Musk’s hearing on settlement, arguing ‘very public dispute’ harms company

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  • Twitter wants a judge to fast-track its case against Elon Musk, who tried to back out of a deal to buy the company.
  • Musk says the trial should not take place until February 2023.
  • Twitter said the current situation hurts it with “with each passing day, Musk is failing” in a Monday presentation.
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Twitter said on Monday that it is crucial that its case against Elon Musk be heard by a Delaware court as soon as possible, not in February as the Tesla billionaire has requested.

“It is imperative that the trial date be as early as possible,” attorneys for the social media company said in a document filed in the Delaware Court of Chancery. “This very public dispute damages Twitter with each passing day that Musk fails to comply. Musk amplifies this damage by using the company’s own platform as a megaphone to disparage him.”

Last Tuesday, Twitter sued Musk after he tried to back out of a contract to buy the social media company for $44 billion. In the lawsuit, Twitter requested that the case be expedited and heard in September, citing the negative impact a lengthy legal battle would have on its business.

In response, Musk’s lawyers have requested that the trial begin in February 2023 at the earliest. Musk said it would take a considerable amount of time for him to properly investigate and exchange information about the number of spam accounts on the Twitter platform, the core of his dispute with the company.

In Monday’s filing, Twitter’s lawyers reiterated the importance of a speedy trial.

“Millions of shares of Twitter trade daily under a cloud of doubt created by Musk. No public company of this size and scale has ever had to endure these uncertainties,” they said.

Musk’s lawyers did not immediately return a request for comment.

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