Trump spends Thanksgiving whining about the Supreme Court being mean to him

Trump spends Thanksgiving whining and complaining about the Supreme Court majority that constantly rules against him.

Trump wrote on Truth Social:

The President of the United States does not have “standing” on his election to the Supreme Court, how ridiculous is that?

Why should anyone be surprised that the Supreme Court ruled against me, it always happens! The handing over of tax returns is unprecedented and sets a terrible precedent for future presidents. Did Joe Biden pay taxes on all his ill-gotten gains from Hunter & Beyond? The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige and influence, and has become nothing more than a political institution, for which our Country is paying the price. They refused to even look at the 2020 Election Scam. Shame on them!

The United States Supreme Court has the lowest Approval Rating in its long, long history. No wonder – There are leaks and they can’t find the leaker (which is easy to do!), they are petrified of the Radical Left Maniacs (Democrats) who are destroying our country, bold, courageous and unwilling to do right. make decisions about rigged and stolen elections and always want to be Politically Correct instead of doing what is GOOD for the USA. We need Strength and Wisdom NOW!

The delivery of tax returns is not unprecedented. Every president since Nixon to Trump has done so, and it’s unprecedented for a president to not release his tax returns.

If it’s so easy to find leakers, why was he never able to figure out who was leaking in the Trump administration?

Trump’s bluster and bluster are a reminder of why America should be thankful he’s no longer in the Oval Office.

In the hands of the former president, the presidency was always about Trump instead of the American people.

Even out of office, Donald Trump is still throwing his own pity party.

The Supreme Court owes nothing to Donald Trump.