Today’s Wordle Answer #523 – November 24, 2022 Solutions and Hints

The solution to today’s Wordle puzzle is feast. A feast is a large meal usually in celebration of a holiday or event, but since the word doubles as a verb, you can say you feasted with your friends if you all partook in a feast, or you feasted your eyes on something. If it brings you great joy or satisfaction.

The word “feast” comes from the Middle English “feeste”, borrowed from the Old French “feste” (which is the source of the modern French “fête”), the word for a religious festival, party, holiday, market or fair. Which translates as racket, joke, or joy, or fun (via etymonline). It also has roots in the Latin “festa” meaning holiday or feast, and is the source of the Italian word “festa” and the Spanish “fiesta” of the same meaning.

Today was a good day to use the expert-recommended Wordle-start word, Slate because it contains three of the five letters of the answer word. WordleBot did just that and it solved the puzzle in three steps. As usual, we played against the rulebook and managed to solve the puzzle in five tries. We hope you finish quickly.