Today’s Wordle Answer #522 – November 23, 2022 Solutions and Hints

The solution to today’s Wordle puzzle is Drive. The word comes from the Old English “drīfan,” meaning to urge, compel, or rush against — itself of Germanic origin. It is also related to the Dutch “drijven”, meaning to drive or push.

Today, as usual, we went for a random starting word, “hound.” This turns a tile yellow and narrows the possible solutions to 134, up from the standard 2,315. Also, WordleBot called it a unique opening guess, and it’s not every day you get compliments from well-known bots. “Drive” was our second guess, and it was thrilling to see the tiles turn green so quickly Even more satisfying was the fact that WordleBot took four tries to solve the puzzle (at this point, it’s trivial to be in constant competition with an AI program, but we’re doing it for humans).

We hope you found this article quick enough to solve the puzzle in record time, and if you didn’t, here are more games like Wordle to try your hand at.