Tim Wilson admits defeat in once-safe Liberal seat as other key electorates hang in the balance

Liberal Politician Tim Wilson has conceded defeat in the once certain Victorian Goldstein’s seat after he was ousted by ‘independent teal’ and former journalist Zoe Daniel.
Today Labor Terri Butler also conceded defeat in the Brisbane Griffith’s seat with Greens challenger Max Chandler-Mather likely to take over as MP.
Tim Wilson admitted defeat to Zoe Daniel, independent of Teal.
Tim Wilson admitted defeat to Zoe Daniel, independent of Teal. (9News)
Independent Zoe Daniel on election night after claiming Goldstein’s seat from Liberal incumbent Tim Wilson. (Nine)

In an emotional concession speech today, Wilson said it seems “increasingly unlikely” that he will be re-elected and said he would formally admit defeat.

He said it had been an “incredible honour” to have served as a deputy for six years.

“It’s always temporary, we’re just custodians of these roles,” Wilson said.

He thanked the community and his staff and said he was proud of the work he had done, which he said included establishing marriage equality and stopping Labor’s retirement tax.

He said that he had started the establishment of Australia’s offshore wind industry.

Wilson got emotional when he admitted he's unlikely to keep Goldstein.
Wilson got emotional when he admitted he’s unlikely to keep Goldstein. (9News)

She was emotional as she thanked her husband Ryan, who she said had “sacrificed so much.”

“Thank you and I love you,” he said.

The electorate race is heating up as mail-in votes and pre-votes are counted.

Butler, a longtime Griffith member, shared similar messages and resigned from the Brisbane city center constituency.

“So far, it seems clear that I will not be brought back as a member of Griffith,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I wish the new member all the best in keeping all the promises he has made.”

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The seats hanging in the balance

Across the country, voters once held by the major parties are falling to a wave of independents.

The race for his electorate, Dickson in Queensland, is heating up as postal votes are counted.

An appeal by refugee lawyer Shane Bazzi has been successful in a libel case brought by Defense Minister Peter Dutton.
Peter Dutton’s seat has returned to ‘yet to call’ after previously being handed over to the Liberal. (AP)

The seat had previously been called for the liberal and former Defense Minister, but he returns to the battlefield

Dutton clings to a narrow 51.6 per cent lead, with ALP’s Ali France trailing at 48.4 per cent on a two-match preferential basis.

There, 66.59 percent of the votes were counted.

The One Nation founder is trailing Queensland Greens candidate Penny Allman-Payne in the Senate race.

His party has won 7.8 percent of the Senate vote as of this morning, well below quota, to the Greens’ 14 percent.

In addition to Daniel defeating Wilson and Frydenberg likely losing to Ryan, Allegra Spender is poised to take Wentworth from Dave Sharma, who appears to have deleted his Twitter account.

Dave Sharma’s Twitter appears to have been deleted. (Twitter)

Labor leader Kristina Keneally, who was parachuted into Fowler’s seat in western Sydney, is projected to lose to Liberal-turned-independent Dai Le.

Kylea Tink is likely to lay claim to another former Liberal stronghold in North Sydney and “Teal Independent” Kate Chaney is eyeing Curtain, a seat once held by former Foreign Secretary Julie Bishop.

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