This corn maze near Toronto has a Canadian theme and you can navigate it after dark

You never know what lurks in the shadows, though you just might find it out in this Ontario corn maze.

Cooper’s CSA Farm and Maze carves a new path in the corn each year, and this season you can navigate a maze shaped like a Canadian football.

The daytime maze opens on September 17 and you can get lost after dark every Friday in October.

Admission to the farm includes the corn maze, wagon rides, access to the farm store, and a pumpkin of your choice. Smooth, warty, large or small, pumpkins come in a variety of varieties, and one is free with your entree.

The 10-acre corn maze is divided into two different sections called “phases” for you to tackle. The new design is in support of the Canadian men’s soccer team.

On the four Fridays in October the farm is open from 7-9pm and you won’t have the sunlight to help you escape the winding lines. Bring your own flashlight or wear glow sticks to help you find your way.

Later in the season, the Saturday night schedule (5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) will also get quite dark in the maze. Saturday and Sunday tours offer rotating food truck options for a corn treat.

Cooper’s CSA Farm and Maze

Price: $18 admission, $23 night

When: Open September 17, 2022 (Night Maze is on Fridays in October)

Address: 266 Ashworth Rd., Zephyr, ON

Why you need to go: Upgrade your fall corn maze experience and try to escape one in the dark. Your ticket includes a pumpkin.


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