There is a new pill for women with fibroids. That’s why it’s important

Women suffering from fibroids will now be able to take an oral tablet that could help them avoid invasive surgery.

Ryeqo pills should be added to considered treatment options if a woman has moderate to severe symptoms of fibroids, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) ruled.

These symptoms include heavy, painful periods and swelling that makes a woman look pregnant.

NICE says around 4,500 women with uterine fibroids will be eligible for the pills in England and Wales when they become available in three months.

Designed to be taken daily at home, the Ryeqo tablet combines several different medications (relugolix with estradiol and norethisterone acetate) to control symptoms. Evidence suggests that they are safe to take continuously without affecting a woman’s fertility.

Maria Caulfield, minister for women’s health, called it “an innovative step to not only improve women’s quality of life and reduce symptoms, but also to give them more choice in terms of available medicines and alternative treatment options. less invasive.

What are fibroids?

As Dr. Deborah Lee, a sexual and reproductive health physician at Dr. Fox Pharmacy, previously explained to HuffPost UK, fibroids are “benign small-muscle tumors that arise in the wall of the uterus (womb). Each fibroid grows from a single muscle cell, which grows out of control. As the fibroid grows, it puts pressure on surrounding structures.”

While not cancerous, fibroids can sometimes lead to infertility, affecting one in three women in their lifetime, says the NHS, with black women being disproportionately affected.

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