There is a bus that will take you from Toronto to New York for little money and students get a discount

Some say that New York City is basically a much larger version of Toronto, so that just means Torontonians would fit in, right?

More and more trips from Toronto to the border state are gaining in popularity as the summer months approach and hopefully COVID-19 leaves people far behind.

Trailways is an affordable North American bus company that offers bus routes from downtown Toronto to the heart of New York City for as little as $75 per student fare ticket.

And while prices vary, the cost of a regular ticket can be as low as $92 and vary depending on the dates and times you want to travel.

Buses depart from Toronto’s Union Bus Terminal and take you to the Port Authority at 625 8th Ave in New York, just off Times Square.

The company then told Narcity that “after a year of rigorous study, many students will seek to relieve pent-up stress by venturing to new cities and regions, offering the opportunity to see, explore and make the most of their summer months of freedom.” .

And Trailways says they realize that traveling for students can be quite expensive, especially with these skyrocketing gas prices, so they’re “offering affordable bus routes to New York so students have more money to spend wherever they go.” let them go.”

For the $75 per ticket discount, the Trailways passenger can “reliably get around with reclining seats, Wi-Fi, power outlets, restrooms, air conditioning, and more.”

So, if you were planning to go to the New York Pride Parade or Tribeca Film Festival in June or New York Fashion Week in September, then maybe there is a convenient and affordable seat on the bus for you. .

Whether you choose to ride a bus or take a plane across the border, this summer is already filled with plenty of affordable and adventurous travel options.

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