“The Sun will close in 6 years,” says former editor, blaming “left-wing activists”.

“I was told last week that News UK management had looked at the Sun’s circulation decline for the year…

Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie said News UK management had concluded the paper would close after six years, believing the paper’s days were numbered.

Blaming “left-wing activists” for the paper’s problems, MacKenzie wrote in the Press Gazette: “I was told last week that News UK management had looked at the Sun’s circulation decline for the year and then pointed to the staggering decline. newspaper’s advertising revenue and, unfortunately, determined that the newspaper would close after six years.

According to him, the blame lies mainly with “left-wing activists” who put pressure on advertisers and “caused a multi-million dollar loss in revenue”.

MacKenzie adds that he believes the paper is faced with a choice: “It can continue to publish ‘hard’ stories and threaten advertising revenue, or basically ask the editor to ease off the accelerator. They chose the latter way. Circulation later declined because the paper no longer represented the interests of white readers in their 50s.

Clearly, newspapers that reflect the interests of a diverse audience are not of much importance to MacKenzie.

His claims were dismissed by NewsUK, who told the Press Gazette: “Any suggestion that The Sun is planning to close is simply nonsense and no such discussions have taken place. The Sun is Britain’s biggest news brand, as PAMCO and IPSOS figures show, and we have ambitious plans for both digital revenue and audience growth.

“The Sun continues to break agenda-setting stories, hold the powerful to account and entertain our readers daily, both in print and online. “Britain is constantly changing and the Sun keeps up with its audience.”

Basit Mahmoud is the editor of Left Foot Forward magazine

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