The restaurant that sells the “cheapest Sunday roast” in Greater Manchester and it’s huge

While we’re all trying to tighten our belts right now, the good old Sunday roast is a treat many of us are still looking forward to on a weekend. And we think we’ve found one of the cheapest complete Sunday roasts in the region – at £5.50 for a huge portion with meats and all the roast trimmings for dinner.

At Dorvy’s Diner in Cadishead, residents here have gobbled up cheap home-cooked meals for 18 years. And the coffee Sunday roasts are just as popular priced at £4.50 for small or £5.50 for large sold out by 1pm

And it’s not hard to see why. There can’t be many cafes or restaurants that sell such a large Sunday roast, with FOUR of your five a day stacked up there and TWO Yorkshire puddings for good measure.

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The giant version of the roast will set you back £5.50, and if going down the whole batch is difficult, the friendly staff here will provide you with a tray to take home. In fact, their grab-and-go versions of the roast are another reason they’re so popular: the staff deliver them to local area residents.

The mixed beef and chicken roast

But they also do a “small” version for £4.50 with just a Yorkshire pud. There is a choice of roast chicken or roast beef, but you need to be quick as the restaurant starts to end service on Sundays at 1 pm, so most people arrive early or pre-order.

When we arrived at 12.30 they had run out of a full portion of beef, so we doubled up half beef and half chicken on one plate, with a full chicken roast on the other. Both portions were slathered with a rich sauce and I was amazed to discover how many vegetables had been piled high: there was cabbage, carrots, cauliflower AND peas, as well as boiled potatoes and four roasts.

Inside Dorvy’s Diner, where customers love cheap and cheerful home cooking

Dorvy’s is open all week and is famous for its all-day hot cooked breakfasts and daily changing specials like chili, chicken tikka masala with rice and fries, ploughman’s lunch and mixed grill, all priced at about a £5 to £5.25 mark each day. You can get a fry for £4.10 or a large brunch for £5.60, while breakfast bars start at £3 for a bacon barm.

Karen Mellor, 66, has run Dorvy’s Diner for the last 18 years on the Liverpool Road site, which has a retro diner. She said Sunday roasts have always proven popular, particularly with older residents in the area, many of whom get deliveries.

But Karen, like so many business owners right now, has been struggling to keep prices so low with the huge increase in both energy and food prices. Until the start of this year, the Sunday roast was only £5, but she had to raise the price to £5.50, but she says most customers have been understanding.

Dorvy’s Diner on Liverpool Road

Karen said: “Everything has doubled in price – eggs have gone from £15 a box to £30 just as an example – so yeah, I had to add a bit to the prices. I’m not blowing my own trumpet, but people It comes to me not because I want neon lights and to pay £3 for a coffee you can go to the Trafford Center for that.

“They can come here and have a cooked breakfast for £4.10 and a latte for £1.70.”

Customers love this place – we watched young and old line up to pick up orders on the Sunday we visited. And the MEN was first alerted to the meal deals by people who commented on our article about supermarket roast dinners last year saying “you’d better go to Dorvy’s.”

The roast chicken dinner at Dorvy’s Diner packed with vegetables and two Yorkies

Karen says they take regular pre-orders for many of their hot homemade dishes, including their Sunday roasts that usually sell out every week. Despite her cost difficulties, Karen loves what she does and has no plans to retire.

She laughs, “I might get bored if I quit, so you move on, right? I cook all the main stuff and enjoy it. The rising costs? It really is. You just do your best to keep going.”

Dorvy’s Diner, Liverpool Road, Irlam, Cadishead, open 6am-2pm Monday to Friday and until 1pm on Sunday.

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