The project gives major hints about the next two panelists to leave the show

The project may be preparing to say goodbye to two more panellists following the shock departures of Carrie Bickmore, Lisa Wilkinson and Peter Helliar.

On Wednesday, Channel 10 announced that Studio 10 co-host Sarah Harris was joining The Project in place of Bickmore.

In the official press release to confirm Sarah’s place on the show, two longtime panelists were absent.

Waleed Aly will return to The Project next year with new co-host Sarah Harris, but two more familiar faces from the panel may be leaving

Tommy Little and Steve Price were not mentioned in the announcement, while the return of Hamish Blake, Waleed Aly and Georgia Tunny was confirmed.

‘I am beyond excited to be joining one of the most famous and respected driving shows in Australia,’ Sarah said in her statement.

‘The project does news like no other program in Australia and it’s exactly the kind of fun and fearless television I love to do,’ she continued.

‘I can’t wait to share the table with Waleed, Hamish, Georgie and the rest of the team. I’m excited to shake it up in the new year!’

In the official press release confirming Sarah’s place in the series, Steve Price (left) and Tommy Little (right) were noticeably absent from the cast announcement

Channel 10 also released a new promotional image for the series in which Waleed and Sarah pose together, confirming that they will serve as the Project’s main hosts.

Price has been on The Project since 2010, while Little joined in 2017.

Peter Helliar, 47, announced he was leaving The Project on Tuesday, explaining that he had decided to quit following the departure of his co-host Carrie Bickmore in October.

Longtime co-host Waleed Aly (pictured) returns for the new 2023 season.

‘Carrie, you recently said you were glad to be leaving The Project even though you still love it and I still love the show. I really want to,’ he explained.

‘The project means a lot to me. He has done amazing things for me. I interviewed Luke Skywalker once… and I can’t wait to see what the series holds in the future.’

It comes after Wilkinson announced she was resigning with immediate effect.

Peter Helliar, 47, announced he was leaving The Project on Tuesday, just days after Lisa Wilkinson confirmed her exit. In the picture together

The embattled TV presenter, 62, made the shock admission at the end of Sunday night’s episode, leaving viewers stunned.

‘I’ve decided it’s time to re-prioritise some things in my life,’ the TV veteran began alongside hosts Hamish Macdonald and The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne.

‘And after nearly 15 years of breakfast TV’s early alarm, and now another five years here at the project desk, I’m looking at how I want the next few years to unfold both professionally and personally.’

Carrie Bickmore (pictured) announced her exit from The Project back in October

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