The Morning After: UK competition regulator probes Apple and Google’s mobile dominance

Apple and Google’s dominance across the mobile internet is once again under scrutiny. Earlier this year, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said it was consulting on a possible investigation into the dominance of Google and Apple in the mobile phone market. Now, the regulator has announced that it has received “broad support” for its proposals and has launched a market investigation into the two tech giants’ “duoply” in cloud gaming and mobile browsers. The CMA noted that Apple and Google have a “stranglehold” on mobile device operating systems, app stores and browsers, with 97 per cent of UK web browsing in 2021 being on Apple- or Google-owned browsers.

– Matt Smith

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The biggest story you might have missed

Is it… iconic?


Hyperkin is making a licensed replica of the Xbox 360’s iconic gamepad. It’s called Xenon – the console’s pre-release codename and a reference to the IBM-made PowerPC processor. The controller brings back the nearly two-decade-old design but with a detachable USB-C cable and headphone jack. It also comes with Menu, View and Share buttons, ensuring the controller is fully compatible with Xbox Series X/S and PC. No word yet on release date or price.

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However, not every console is sold.

Demand for current consoles has been through the roof for the better part of two years now. Unfortunately, this means retailers don’t have much incentive to offer heavy discounts. However, if you’re thinking of getting an early Nintendo Switch or Xbox Series S, you might be in luck. Nintendo repeated the same deal as Black Friday in previous years: a base-model Switch with a copy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a three-month subscription to its Switch Online service.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft Xbox Series S is available for $250, $50 off the standard going rate. The Series S has dropped to $250 in the past, but it’s still a good price if you want a secondary console or a more affordable route to the Xbox game library. Make sure to keep an eye on us Deal account on Twitter For the biggest breaking deals this Black Friday.

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This is the first time the agency has blocked access to other networks

The FCC eventually cut provider Global UC from other networks for allegedly failing to meet requirements to protect against scam robocalls. Now that the company is no longer in the robocall mitigation database, other carriers (including intermediaries) must stop receiving its traffic. In October, the FCC said it would cut seven companies that didn’t share their anti-robocall strategies despite warnings.

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The update will bring a survival golf mode to the ‘We Sports’ successor.


Nintendo Switch Sports Finally there is golf – one of the original sports lost to its spiritual successor Wii Sports. Starting November 28th, you’ll have access to 21 holes of the Wii Sports series. Along with casual modes you can enjoy with family and friends, you can check out a survival golf mode.

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