The Left’s Cynic “Speech Is Violence” Trick

Another vicious mass shooter terrorized a gay club in Colorado Springs this week, killing five people and injuring 25 others. The shooter—whom I refuse to name to discourage future glory-seeking shooters—was clearly mentally ill: He reportedly threatened his mother with a bomb last year and was eventually arrested.

However, Colorado’s red flag law, which could have denied the shooter legal access to guns, was not used by police or relatives. The Colorado Springs Massacre is another example of a criminal with more red flags than bullfighting convention, and no one in authority wants to act to do anything about it.

However, the national conversation, as it often is, has shifted away from the question at hand—how to prevent mass shootings—and toward broader politics. Our political and media leaders have decided to blame Americans who oppose same-sex marriage instead of looking for methodologies that could be effective in finding and stopping deranged people who are out to kill without curbing the rights and liberties of hundreds of millions of people. and “family friendly” drag shows. They argue that dissent with the radical left’s social agenda incites violence.

So NBC News Senior Correspondent Brandy Zadrozny said, “There’s a pipeline. It starts with smaller accounts online like Libs of Tiktok, moves to the right-wing blogosphere, and then ends up on Tucker Carlson, or comes out of the mouth of a right-wing politician, and it’s a really dangerous cycle. has real-world consequences.”

Michelle Goldberg of The New York Times wrote that “it seems difficult to separate [these murders] from a nationwide anti-LGBTQ campaign. … They screamed that the abduction incidents … were part of a sinister plot to prey on children. If a patient with a gun takes them seriously, they cannot shirk responsibility.”

Brian Broome wrote in The Washington Post that the shooting “cannot be blamed on mental illness.” No, he said: “It’s right-wing rhetoric that fuels these nightmares. … There is no need to throw rocks at the bottomless list of homophobes and transphobes on the right and then hide their hands. Instead, they use someone else’s hands.”

The left’s attempt to lay responsibility for violence at the feet of anyone who opposes a transgressive social agenda doesn’t end with blame — it extends to calls for full-scale censorship.

“We live in an environment where two things rule,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO of the Gay and Lesbian Anti-Defamation Alliance. “Politicians who use us to boost their careers by creating division and hatred and number two are social media platforms that monetize hate and especially against marginalized communities. They choose profit over hate and it is killing our society, literally killing it.”

Social media should, logically, block or demonetize any video that disagrees with GLAAD’s agenda.

This is cynical politics at its worst. Nor is it anything new. Leftists routinely use violence to suppress free speech they disagree with.

D-Instagram’s Inimitable Stupid Rep. As Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted: “After Trump ramped up his anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric, we had the deadliest anti-Latino shooting in modern history. After anti-Asian hate, COVID, Atlanta. The tree of life. Emanuel AME. Buffalo. And now Colorado Springs after the anti-LGBT+ campaign. Connect the dots, @GOP.”

Well, according to the AOC, virtually every major mass shooting in the last seven years has been the result of his political opponents—none of whom have called for violence. But in the world of the Left, dissent is just violence waiting to erupt. Therefore, they believe that censorship is the only way to achieve a more peaceful world.


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