The Cathedral Heights video sparked outrage after a woman repeatedly called an Uber driver a racist slur.

An unidentified Uber customer who insulted a driver on Wednesday morning has been banned from the platform. The mentioned woman used racial insults against the black driver and physically assaulted him. After that, netizens turned to social networks to express their disgust at this incident.

The terrible incident happened in front of the Cathedral Heights building on Wisconsin Avenue near the National Cathedral in Washington.

The Washingtonian Problems Twitter account uploaded a video of the incident in the capital city of DC. In the video, an SUV can be seen parked on the street with the rear passenger door open. It is also seen that the woman and the man were arguing on the sidewalk.

In the video, a woman can be heard screaming:

“Your phone is not plugged in!”

The Uber driver responded by saying, “Fuck me.”

The customer then said:

“I’m hiring you, I’m your boss.”

The Uber driver can then be seen raising his hand to signal to the woman that he is invading her personal space. But he continued to shout at her, saying:

“I am your hardworking king, you are a bit of a bastard. n****r.”

The driver then responds to his customer by saying, “You’re absurd,” to which he replies, “I ab***h? You are a slave.”

In Washington: A white woman repeatedly calls an Uber driver a “nigger” and a “slave” after she says, “I’m hiring you.” I am your boss.”

As she yelled at the man who said his phone was out of battery, she continued sarcastically:

“I wanted a phone charger, you royal idiot.”

The video ends with the woman yelling another racial slur and pushing the man.

Netizens reacted to a video of an Uber customer using racial slurs

Internet users who saw the woman’s behavior were outraged. Many were horrified and sympathized with the driver. Several netizens were eager to learn the woman’s personal details in the hope that she would be fired from her job. However, no such information was provided at the time of writing this article.

A few tweets read:

@WashProbs Watch as two white women slowly walk past a hate crime. It speaks louder than a woman screaming violently.

@WashProbs I can’t even look at it completely. It’s actually a neighborhood I know very well. This is terrible. Twitter, Please do your job. AWESOME! WOW.

@WashProbs Report the employee’s behavior to the employer and ask if the actions are consistent with their values.

@WashProbs There’s nothing that could ever justify it, but it’s still awful that he wouldn’t give her his personal phone charger

@WashProbs I hope this woman loses her job (assuming she has one). Disgusting – language, truth, everything.

@WashProbs KKKaren will regret that phones even exist

Neighbors share details of racist incident

Interviewed by News 4, Alex, a neighbor, said police officers responded to the scene and spoke with the driver. But the driver refused to complain. He also revealed that he asked the Uber driver if the racist woman was using her phone charger. But when he couldn’t do it, he got angry. The driver then pulled over and ended the trip. This resulted in both of them fighting in the streets.

Alex added:

“I mean, I wanted to make sure this guy was safe, and it’s important to have the integrity to catch people when they’re acting like that and to check on others.”

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Neighbor Steve Mason also said that he did not believe what had happened.

“We don’t know what happened before that, but it doesn’t matter. There is no call for racism.”

Neighbor Jennifer Hightower said she was shocked the woman would use racial slurs even in 2022. He further added:

“We have more work to do.”

In a statement, Uber confirmed that they do not condone such behavior and announced that they have banned the driver’s account from the ride-sharing platform.