The 5 Funniest Westworld Characters (And 5 Fans They Can’t Stand)

HBO Western world is a futuristic thriller, based on artificial intelligence and the impact it could have on human beings. When the robots inside Westworld start asking some unwanted questions, the simple stories turn into bloodbaths as the human guests run for their lives.

The series is amazing and exhilarating. There are many different characters, ranging from murderous hosts to sadistic guests, and then there are the good guys who get lost in the chaos.

Updated June 23, 2022 by Stuart Kilmartin: With Westworld set to return to HBO for a fourth season this month, fans of the series will soon be reunited with the show’s collection of hosts and humans. While Westworld has featured a wide variety of diverse characters since its inception, some of the characters have been more likeable than others. As the series has progressed and new characters have been introduced, there is still a clear selection of fan favorite characters.


The cutest characters in Westworld


Ashley Stubbs is introduced in the series as one of the main security members of the park, who makes sure that the hosts and guests are safe. But as the series progresses, she becomes more complex, asking different questions and getting no convincing answers.

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However, in season 3, it is revealed to be another one of the hosts, designed by Ford to make sure the hosts are safe. He is good friends with Bernard and although his programming is quite limited, he does whatever it takes to protect someone he is attached to.


Héctor is one of the hosts, who in turn is involved in an endless story full of blood and betrayal. But when Maeve shows him what’s really going on in the park, he falls in love with her and together they set out on a journey to find Maeve’s daughter.

Throughout the three seasons of the show so far, Hector displays compassion, generosity, and selflessness. Along with that, he also has wonderful comedic timing.

Lee Sizemore

Lee Sizemore is one of the bosses on Delos, who cares about creating stories for the hosts. But, he doesn’t matter much as Ford doesn’t respect his ideas, and neither does Delos. Although he is a hard worker, he doesn’t find a cause to work for before he meets Maeve.

He provides comic relief in the series, along with his bright accent. And although he is human, he has some connection to the hosts, which is shown by his willingness to sacrifice himself for Maeve’s freedom.


Maeve is one of the first hostesses who begins to remember things from her past and asks questions about the world she lives in. After some blackmail and murder, she finds out the truth and it makes her angry for a while.

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Maeve is more concerned with making sure her daughter is safe, even if it costs her freedom in the process.


Bernard is a host created by Ford and Dolores. He resembles Arnold, the Ford partner who helped create the hosts. He is a caring man, who lives in the dark regarding his true nature, thanks to Ford’s memory wipe. Even though he has done some terrible things, Ford was never in control.

When one of his creators finally dies, Bernard tries to find his own purpose, and after some thought, he realizes what he has to do, find a home for his kind and help humans survive. Season 3 ended with Charlotte’s host deciding to wage war against humanity and if there’s one man who can help find a truce, it’s Bernard.

Westworld Characters Fans Can’t Stand


Dr. Robot Ford is the revolutionary mind behind the creation of the hosts, whom he co-created with Arnold, however his mindset is pretty evil. He hates humans, that much is clear, and in the end, he shows his selfish nature. He didn’t want anyone else to have control of his creations, so he decided to wage war when the time came to retire.

He used many hosts, including Bernard, who struggles with the actions he was forced to take while under Ford’s control.


Ben Barnes as Logan Westworld Hand of the King Badge Game of Thrones Reference

Logan, played by Ben Barnes, in one of his best roles, is the one who brings William to Westworld and is the one who initiates William’s transformation into The Man in Black.

Logan is kind of the stereotypical rich villain, who is cocky and wants all his wishes come true, no matter what the cost. He is not patient, he rushes to make decisions for him and struggles with addiction, which leads to his death.

charlotte hale

Charlotte Hale is an independent woman, who is one of the top officials on Delos. However, the way she works is quite disgusting. She is psychotic, manipulative, feels no remorse for her actions, and will stop at nothing to survive in the cruel world the show presents.

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She kills Elsie and is one of the main reasons Theresa is killed. When she dies, Dolores makes her a hostess and her family dies because of it.


Dolores Westworld Season 3

Dolores is someone the audience sympathizes with during the beginning of the series. However, when her true nature is revealed and her hidden Wyatt personality comes to the surface, she becomes another person entirely. The change is so drastic that she even upsets the man she loves, Teddy.

While Dolores does make some significant relationships in her life, most of them were for her own selfish gain. For example, in Season 3, she uses Caleb to do what she wants with little regard for him. Of the many villains on the show, she hasn’t faced enough consequences for her actions.

the man in black

The Man in Black is revealed to be William towards the middle of the first season and it’s a really scary reveal. Because William seemed kind, while The Man in Black is one of the biggest villains in the series.

He’s lived in Westworld for so many years that he can’t even tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not. He is the reason his wife commits suicide and even kills her own daughter, believing her to be a hostess. He is genuinely disgusting throughout the entire series.

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