Tecno’s Eagle Eye lens system aims to solve a long-standing problem in smartphone cameras

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  • Tecno has unveiled the industry’s first dual prism telephoto camera, boasting the largest tilt angle.
  • The Tecno Eagle Eye lens setup promises improved video stabilization when shooting moving objects through dual prism rotation.
  • It will make its way into Tecno smartphones debuting in 2023.

While smartphone cameras have come a long way in terms of sensor size and telephoto capabilities, image stabilization is still a hole that needs to be plugged.

Tecno aims to fill this gap with what it says is the industry’s first dual-prism periscope camera with real body tracking and shooting capabilities.

Tecno unveiled its Eagle Eye Lens technology, a camera setup that uses two prisms to track and shoot a moving object while reducing handshake. The system promises to produce more stable images or videos than a standard telephoto camera with OIS, such as found on the Xiaomi 12T Pro or OnePlus 10 Pro.

“The lens’ internal rotating dual prism, which provides real AI tracking and shooting, allows for an ultra-stabilization angle that can be as wide as 6 degrees on both the positive and negative axes,” explains Tecno. “The two prisms can be tilted axially by +/- 8° or +/- 10° resulting in a combined uniaxial tilt range of +/-16° on the short side and +/-20° on the long side. Image, which makes them intelligent Also lets you track moving objects in the image.”

As a result, a moving object will constantly occupy the center of the view area of ​​a telephoto lens. On the other hand, many of the best Android phones use digital technology to keep the subject in the center of the frame.

(Image credit: Tecno)

Tecno says the lens works in tandem with an optical stabilizer to deliver a sharp and clear shot of a moving object. This comes in handy when shooting sporting events like F1 racing.

Jimmy Hu, deputy director of the Techno Image R&D Center, said the Eagle Eye lens can solve the persistent problem of limited field of view of telephoto lenses when capturing sports videos such as F1 racing. “Instead, sophisticated equipment can monitor, detect and capture the rapid movements of intensely racing automobiles.”

Tecno hopes to include the lens in its future smartphones that will debut next year. However, the company said it won’t license the system to other manufacturers, which means the camera setup won’t be available to everyone due to the limited availability of Tecno’s handsets.