The man who caused the death of 27 people during the Channel crossing in England has been arrested

LONDON (AP) — British police on Tuesday arrested a man in connection with the deaths of at least 27 people who drowned last year while trying to cross the English Channel by boat. Britain’s National Crime Agency said 32-year-old Harem Ahmed Abwbaker was detained in Cheltenham, south-west England, following an investigation by British and French … Read more

Great Britain summoned the representative of China after the arrest of a BBC journalist

“THE GOLDEN AGE IS OVER” A senior Chinese diplomat was summoned to the foreign office last month after consular colleagues in Manchester, northwest England, were accused of beating a pro-democracy protester in Hong Kong. The incidents have increased political pressure on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s new government in Britain to get tough on China. But … Read more

Census: Christians are a minority in England; the non-religious grows

LONDON – More than half of people in England and Wales identify as Christians, according to the latest census – the first time a minority of the country’s official religion has been practiced. England’s 2021 census figures, released on Tuesday by the Office for National Statistics, have become less religious and less white in the … Read more

Sunak vows to engage with China, but ‘golden age’ is writing in history books – POLITICO

LONDON — Rishi Sunak sought to ratchet up his rhetoric on China on Monday as he carefully opened the door to further talks with President Xi Jinping. In his first major foreign policy speech since becoming British prime minister, Sunak announced the end of the so-called “golden era” in relations between Britain and China amid … Read more

EU last-ditch talks on Russian oil price cap – POLITICO

On Monday, the EU countries continued the latest negotiations to reach an agreement on the price ceiling for Russian oil. There is deep disagreement among them about whether such a level should be set to cause maximum pain to Russia and minimum damage to member countries. The EU is under increasing pressure from the G7 … Read more

A South African state visit tells us about the new monarchy

A version of this story appeared in the Nov. 25 issue of CNN’s Royal News, the weekly dispatch that brings you the inside track on the British royal family. Register here. London CNN — Another week, another set of firsts for the new King. This time, Charles III hosted the first state visit of his … Read more

Renault plans to use geothermal energy and help with the heating plant

The Renault logo was drawn in Bavaria, Germany. The French car giant says it aims to be carbon neutral in Europe by 2040 and globally by 2050. Igor Golovniov/Sopa Photos | Lightrocket | Getty Images The Renault Group Works with French utility Angie on the development of a geothermal energy project at the carmaker’s Douai … Read more

In Great Britain, a mother stabbed a pedophile to death after abusing her children

A mother told how she stabbed her pedophile neighbor to death after learning he had sexually abused her children. British woman Sarah Sands stabbed 77-year-old Michael Pleasted to death in 2014, bleeding him eight times in a “determined and sustained attack”. Sun reports. Pleasted was already a convicted pedophile and had changed his name from … Read more

Scotland’s independence referendum has been blocked by the UK Supreme Court

London CNN — Britain’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Scottish government cannot unilaterally hold a second referendum on whether to leave the United Kingdom, in a blow to independence campaigners that will be welcomed by pro-union Westminster. The court unanimously rejected an attempt by the Scottish National Party (SNP) to force a vote next … Read more

Former Tory critic of European Court of Human Rights takes UK … to European Court of Human Rights – POLITICO

LONDON – A former Conservative MP who has repeatedly criticized the European Court of Human Rights is taking the UK government to the European Court of Human Rights. Owen Paterson resigned from the UK parliament last year after a House of Commons inquiry found he had breached paid lobbying rules. He has now appealed to … Read more