Kyiv is expecting heavy snow, as millions of people live without electricity, heat supply

Heavy snow was expected to fall in Kiev starting Sunday, with temperatures dropping below freezing overnight, while millions of people in and around the Ukrainian capital are still without electricity and heat. Grid operator Ukrenergo said on Saturday that electricity producers were able to meet only three-quarters of consumer needs, prompting restrictions and blackouts across … Read more

Relatives of the world’s largest T. rex, housed in Regina, can be 70 percent larger

For many years now, Saskatchewan has been the proud home of the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus rex. This giant animal, nicknamed Scotty, roamed the earth about 66 million years ago. It weighs about 19,555 pounds, is the equivalent of four pickup trucks, and is about 42 feet long. Scotty took more than two decades to fully … Read more

Croatian-Canadian soccer fans prepare for Canada’s World Cup game against Croatia

Marinko Buric and his family have prepared their red and white Croatian soccer jerseys when they go to a friend’s house to watch Canada and Croatia play in the World Cup this Sunday. Despite Canada’s first appearance in the tournament in decades, Buric expects a big breakfast and a boisterous morning cheering on the Croatian … Read more

The ‘zombie’ virus has revived after 50,000 years in Siberia’s eternal dormancy – National

Researchers at France’s National Center for Scientific Research have revived more than a dozen prehistoric viruses previously stored deep in Siberian permafrost, according to a preprint study. From seven samples of ancient permafrost, scientists were able to document 13 previously unseen viruses that had lain frozen in the ice for tens of thousands of years. … Read more

Taiwan elections: Allegations of Chinese interference, candidate beatings, vote-buying scandals

Taiwan’s local by-elections generated plenty of drama and intrigue on Saturday as more than 11,000 positions in 22 cities and counties will be decided. Physical beatings of candidates, vote-buying scandals and allegations of foreign plots are out of this election cycle. Sky News Asia Correspondent Brent O’Halloran reports that some have argued the results will … Read more

Russian parliament passes ‘LGBT propaganda’ law to further restrict expression – National

Russia’s parliament on Thursday approved a bill that expands the ban on “LGBT propaganda” and restricts the “demonstration” of LGBT behavior, making any expression of the LGBT lifestyle nearly impossible. Under the new law, which still needs approval from the upper house of parliament and President Vladimir Putin, any act or information deemed to promote … Read more

FIFA World Cup: Qatar faces more human rights scrutiny as Sajjan returns – The National

International Development Minister Harjit Sajjan faced criticism from the opposition for not making a statement on human rights during his visit to Qatar for the World Cup. “We have no moral authority if we don’t raise the issue of human rights in countries where we know human rights abuses are happening,” said NDP foreign affairs … Read more