Popular Cannabis Seed Bank in Jackson Will Soon Be Employee Owned With a Cooperative for Customers | Marijuana News | Detroit

click to enlarge Courtesy of Seed Cellar Seed Cellar in Jackson sells over 3,000 cannabis strains from 80 different breeders. Seed Cellar, the state’s largest cannabis seed bank, will soon be employee-owned with plans to launch a cooperative for customers. Owner Roger Maufort plans to hand over the Jackson-based business to his four employees early … Read more

Letters to the editor: How do you say ‘How rude!’ in French? | letters | Detroit

click to enlarge Shutterstock We have mail. We received the following email in response to last week’s review of Detroit’s Bar Pigalle restaurant. Is it a serious article? How the hell do you write a restaurant review without mentioning the chef? Have you ever done this before? I know hiring staff is tough these days…especially … Read more

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is considered the best place to see fall colors in the country, and we’re not surprised | Michigan News | Detroit

click to enlarge Photograph by Neil Weaver/Shutterstock Upper Tahquamenon Falls in all its autumnal splendor. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is the best place to enjoy the changing fall leaves in the country. And we don’t say it just because we’re from here. The UP led the USA Today list of destinations to see fall foliage in … Read more

Iran’s regime must be held accountable, by the Iranians themselves | The Incision | Detroit

click to enlarge Shutterstock Organic uprisings following the murder of Mahsa Amini in police custody threaten the regime. But foreign interference won’t help his movement; instead, it could strangle him. The Iranian government is one of the most repressive autocracies in the world. It uses religion as a cudgel to stifle freedom of speech, thought, … Read more

Activists call on Wayne State University to require its vendors to stop donating to political extremists | Detroit Metro Area News | Detroit

click to enlarge steve nevling Wayne State University in Detroit. Activists are urging the Wayne State University Board of Governors to pass a measure calling on companies that do business with the school to stop contributing to political candidates who undermine democracy. The idea is to dissuade companies from donating to political candidates who push … Read more

Election rigging and an alleged prank call from Trump: Top 10 Metro Times headlines | ICYMI | Detroit

click to enlarge Shutterstock.com Former President Donald Trump. This week the hot topic in Detroit was ShotSpotter, and our readers were interested in what’s going on in the city with surveillance technology. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell also claimed former President Donald Trump jokingly called her in a new book by reporter Maggie Haberman chronicling the Trump … Read more

What happens if the Republicans take back the US House in November? | Informed Dissent | Detroit

Public domain, @GOPLader, Twitter House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy with Donald Trump in 2019. CBS News recently estimated that Republicans are on track to win 223 House seats in November. There’s a decent margin of error, enough for Democrats to maintain a narrow majority or, more likely, Republicans to build a comfortable cushion, and the … Read more

City of Detroit begins demolishing portion of sprawling Packard plant | Detroit Metro Area News | Detroit

click to enlarge steve nevling Demolition begins on a portion of the abandoned Packard Plant on Detroit’s east side. The city of Detroit is demolishing a two-block portion of the multi-story Packard Plant Thursday after the negligent owner failed to do it himself. The $1.6 million emergency demolition is taking place in a section of … Read more

‘Van Gogh in America’ premieres at the Detroit Institute of Arts on Sunday | Art stories and interviews | Detroit

click to enlarge Lee DeVito “Van Gogh in America” ​​celebrates 100 years since the DIA became the first American museum to purchase one of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. A century ago, the Detroit Institute of Arts was way ahead of the curve when it became the first US museum to purchase a Vincent Van Gogh … Read more