Here’s what you need to know about online privacy in a post-Roe world – National

The case of a Nebraska woman accused of helping her teenage daughter terminate her pregnancy after investigators obtained Facebook messages between the two has raised new data privacy concerns in the post-Roe world. Since before the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, big tech companies that collect personal data from their users … Read more

Facebook data leads to charges against Nebraska woman for aiding in her daughter’s abortion – National

A Nebraska woman was charged with helping her teenage daughter terminate her pregnancy at approximately 24 weeks after investigators discovered Facebook messages in which the two discussed the use of medication to induce an abortion and plans to burn the fetus after. The prosecutor handling the case said it is the first time he has … Read more

Radhika Jones on the Formula 1 maverick and other fall superstars

Of all the surprises in Chris Heath’s fascinating cover profile of Formula 1 icon Lewis Hamilton, the one that wowed me the most is that Hamilton doesn’t like to drive. Not on the racetrack, to be clear, but there he channels the joy and dedication of an athlete who found exactly what he was born … Read more

Arrests at anti-abortion protest outside New York Catholic Church

Pro-abortion protesters and anti-abortion protesters clashed Saturday outside a Catholic church in Manhattan, leading to several arrests. New York police said they could not immediately confirm the number of those arrested at Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral Basilica on Mulberry Street in Nolita. Fox News reported that there were five arrests and that pro-abortion picketers were … Read more

Conservative Kansas votes clear ‘NO’ to abortion ban

Kansas voters have rejected Republican efforts to cancel the state’s constitutional right for women to have an abortion, even after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, he writes. Mitchell Zimmermann. OUR COUNTRY (USA) may be divided on the issue of abortion. But when it comes down to it, most Americans believe that a … Read more

Does the US health law protect emergency abortion? This is what you should know – National

The Biden administration has filed its first legal challenge to a state abortion ban since the end of Roe v. Wade, arguing that Idaho’s restrictive abortion law leaves doctors facing criminal penalties for providing abortion-related medical care to women in life-threatening medical situations. The US Justice Department may have a strong argument in the Idaho … Read more

Wichita residents line up to cast their ballots in the Kansas abortion rights referendum

Kansas residents voted to protect abortion rights in the state in a referendum on Aug. 2, local media reported. According to an AP estimate, 58.8 percent of voters voted against a constitutional amendment restricting access to abortion. The amendment, called “Value Them Both,” would have affirmed the state’s lack of a constitutional right to abortion … Read more

Biden’s new executive order is expected to help lower the costs of out-of-state abortions – National

President Joe Biden on Wednesday will sign an executive order intended in part to make it easier for women seeking abortions to travel between states to gain access to the procedure. More specifically, one of the directives Biden will issue will allow states that have not banned abortion to apply for specific Medicaid waivers that … Read more

Kansas voters reject abortion ban in first post-Roe vote on issue – National

Kansas voters on Tuesday protected the right to abortion in their state, rejecting a measure that would have allowed the Republican-controlled Legislature to tighten restrictions on abortion or ban it outright. The referendum in the conservative state was the first test of American voter sentiment on abortion rights since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. … Read more