Nanny jailed for raping eight-month-old baby and sexually abusing 15 other children

WARNING: Graphic Details A nanny who advertised her services on social media and was hired to care for 16 girls at various times, including a baby, gained the trust of families before sexually abusing victims. The shocking details of the horrific abuse unleashed by 24-year-old Jareth Harries-Markham were detailed at the High Court of Western … Read more

Cuba holds unusual vote on law that allows same-sex marriage

HAVANA — Cuba held a rare referendum Sunday on an unusually contentious law: a government-backed “family law” code that would allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt, as well as outline the rights of children and grandparents. Cuba holds parliamentary elections every two years, although no party other than the communist is allowed, but has … Read more

My cheating husband says that I am to blame for his bad decisions

DEAR ABBY: After 40 years of marriage, I just found out that my husband has had an emotional affair, as well as an actual girlfriend he had 15 years ago. I forgave him last time. This time he has only said that he is wrong, but he has not apologized, nor is he sorry. How … Read more

Do you want to raise strong and resilient children? Create ‘parenting routines,’ says parenting expert: Here’s how

Resilience is the ability to meet a challenge and come through with some measure of growth and success, and there has never been a more important time for parents to help their children develop it. As a physician who studies early brain development, I found a surprising factor that contributes to increased resilience at an … Read more

Harriette Cole: You won’t obey my one rule, and I’m ready to ban you from the house.

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have young children and am working hard to teach them how to communicate properly. I have a friend who refuses to abide by my house rules, i.e. no swearing in my house. This guy comes in and says every four-letter word he knows whenever he feels like it. His children are adults, … Read more

The subtle and not-so-subtle signs that Beijing is serious about repairing the relationship with Canberra

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrived early for a meeting with his Australian counterpart Penny Wong in Bali two months ago. In Chinese culture, the act of waiting demonstrates authenticity and kindness. Given recent history, arriving early is not what Australia might have expected from China’s top diplomat. Canberra was left waiting for nearly two … Read more

I Raised 2 Successful CEOs and a Doctor – This Is The Parenting Style I Never Used With My Kids

Parenting is challenging, especially in today’s post-pandemic world. It certainly wasn’t easy raising my own three daughters. I don’t claim full credit for their successes, but all three of them grew up to be very successful people. Susan is the CEO of YouTube, Janet is a medical doctor, and Anne is the co-founder and CEO … Read more

How it feels to mourn a loved one during a time of national mourning

Millions of people around the world have felt the Queen’s death, but for those grieving their own private losses during this time, it’s stirring up a lot of complicated emotions. For Anne-Marie Brownlee, 40, from Coventry, reliving the biggest moments in the Queen’s life these last few days has left her drawing parallels to the … Read more

China Warns US About Taiwan Policy Law, Says Its Passage Will Affect Relations, Peace

Angered by the US Senate committee’s passage of the Taiwan Policy Act of 2022, China has said the move “grossly violates” Washington’s commitment to Beijing on Taiwan and violates the one-time policy. China. Beijing warned that the passage of the bill will “shake the political foundations of China-US relations”, cause “extremely serious consequences” and affect … Read more