Paul Kent: Paul Gallen always understood that boxing is a business

Paul Gallen won more as a boxer than he did in his long rugby league career because he was willing to leave his ego at the door. Money walking out the door is never a good feeling. It borders on the obvious, but you still had to feel for Matt Rose on Wednesday night. Sometime … Read more

House Republicans Investigate Challenge

The list of investigative priorities for the House Judiciary Committee read like a task sheet for Fox News that new chairman Jim Jordan sent to the Justice Department earlier this month. And that was it before Jordan has repeatedly insisted to James Comer, the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, that … Read more

How Election Denial Lost the Midterms

Outside the Maricopa County tabulation center last weekend, a few dozen outraged Arizonans paced single file along the sidewalk waving KARI LAKE flags. Through megaphones, some of them denounced imaginary corruption schemes and clamored for a “redo” election. Others chanted the Lord’s Prayer, like the musicians on the Titanic playing hymns to calm the passengers. … Read more

Cries of “Cheating” Again in Arizona

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Watchers tend to appear at sunset – or so I’ve heard. And last night I went looking for them. Around 7:00 p.m., I sat on a concrete bench at the ballot box next to the Juvenile Detention Center in Mesa, east of Phoenix, and waited under the bright lights of the parking … Read more

America’s rising rates of COVID are a bad sign for the winter

And just like that, with the passing of Labor Day, autumn has arrived. Seemingly overnight, six-packs of pumpkin beer materialized on grocery store shelves, hordes of city dwellers descended on apple orchards — and America rolled out new COVID-19 boosters. The timing was no coincidence. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of patients … Read more