The Doobie brothers spill the tea

One of the most revealing parts of the new Doobie Brothers autobiography long train running (St. Martin’s Press, 352 pp., $29.99) is contained in one of the appendices following the narrative proper. In the section titled “Former Members”, 23 musicians are listed. That’s quite a rotation, putting the Doobies right up there with other classic … Read more

To commemorate Toronto’s rich musical history, Andrew Smith builds miniature versions of the city’s last great venues.

Carpenter Andrew Smith spent a career building great things, including sets for comedy series like “Royal Canadian Air Farce” and “Rick Mercer Report” and sets for the Genies, Geminis and Junos awards shows. After retiring two years ago, his drive to build continued, although his workshop had shrunk considerably. “My basement isn’t very big,” he … Read more