A mother allegedly kills a 9-month-old baby for crying uncontrollably while injecting him with pesticide

A woman in Trinidad and Tobago has allegedly killed her 9-month-old baby after becoming frustrated by the child’s constant crying. The incident took place in Princes Town, located in the south of the island of Trinidad. Preliminary reports indicated that her mother became angry when the girl would not stop crying and injected her with … Read more

Mother allegedly kills 3-year-old boy, puts body in plastic bag and throws it away

A woman in India has been accused of killing her 3-year-old son and dumping his body on a rubbish heap. The incident took place on Monday in Palghar district in the western state of Maharashtra, police said on Tuesday. Local police arrested the accused, identified as Afsana, 37, who also goes by the name Tara … Read more

Golf Australia is making parental support a priority in a move to keep women in their jobs.

It’s 7:30am in London when Stacey Peters answers the phone. “Sorry if I’m speaking a bit softly, my daughter is still asleep,” Golf Australia’s course manager said. “I promise I’m usually a bit more enthusiastic.” Stacey has nothing to apologize for. The fact that she is agreeing to an interview at this hour says it … Read more

Coney Island deaths: 3 children dead after being found unconscious on beach from drowning; mom questioned by police

CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn — Three children have died after they were found unconscious on a beach off Brooklyn’s famous Coney Island boardwalk Monday morning, and their mother is being questioned by police. According to the New York Police Department, a 30-year-old mother took her three children into the sea and drowned them near the boardwalk. … Read more

Toronto mother who tried to kill child by injecting him with insulin faces life in prison – Toronto

Ela Filipovic was a healthy 19-month-old when her mother, Borislava Filipovic, plunged an insulin-filled needle into the baby’s thigh nine times. The insulin caused Ela’s blood sugar level to drop terribly low and she lost consciousness. On June 12, 2019, when a family friend went to see Ela, her mother and her grandmother at the … Read more

When I ask where they’re from, it doesn’t make me a bigot.

Dear Amy: I have had a long love affair with foreign languages. I have studied several, and I speak one very well. My question is this: Is it always rude to ask someone what country they are from? I am forced to do this for selfish reasons. I love to practice my language skills whenever … Read more

Scam targeting mothers defrauds hundreds of at least $2.6 million by ‘pulling at the heartstrings’

An Adelaide mother who lost more than $5,000 to scammers posing as her son has spoken out about the experience in an effort to prevent others from falling prey to the same insidious and deceptive tactics. Key points: The hoax involves scammers posing as desperate daughters or sons Messages are sent to parents requesting urgent … Read more

Mum runs the Adelaide Marathon while pregnant to raise money for midwifery services

For many moms-to-be, pregnancy can be a time to take the weight off your feet, but Lauren Rooke is putting on her running shoes. The Coromandel Valley physical therapist is nearly 26 weeks pregnant and about to run 26 miles, or 42 kilometers. Ms. Rooke enthusiastically described the prospect of participating in the Adelaide Marathon … Read more

Gladstone Hospital maternity unit remains on bypass with women in labor turned away

The long-awaited birth of their baby must have been pure joy for new parents Mariana Durán and Víctor Villamil. Key points: Gladstone Hospital maternity unit remains on bypass after several weeks Women must travel to Rockhampton to give birth The health service says it has been unable to find temporary obstetricians for the hospital. But … Read more

The mother of the indigenous teenager allegedly assaulted during the arrest questioned the police at the scene, the court hears

The mother of an indigenous teenager whose arrest in a Sydney park resulted in a police officer being charged with assault told officers at the scene: “You owe me an explanation.” Key points: Cellphone footage shows Officer Ryan Barlow kicking the teen’s legs under him. Officer Barlow has pleaded not guilty to battery causing actual … Read more