Tax return: Millions set for huge tax cuts, with high earners benefiting most

Huge tax cuts are coming and a group of Australians will be the biggest winners. Here is everything you need to know. Despite a crushing rise in the cost of living, it is well-off Australians who will get the biggest tax break, with Anthony Albanese vowing to press ahead with tax cuts that disproportionately benefit … Read more

Woke capitalism distracts from economic inequality

Right-wing talk of “awakened capitalism” is distracting attention from addressing economic inequality, writes Carl Rhodes. IN THE ALTERED WORLD of awakened capitalism, it is claimed that a new generation of businessmen has embraced leftist politics. Apparently, under the cunning influence of the World Economic Forum, good-natured profit-maximizers are succumbing to the misguided ideology of “stakeholder … Read more

Unemployment remains at 3.9 percent as the labor market continues to strengthen

Australia’s labor market has continued to strengthen, with unemployment standing at 3.9 percent last month and underemployment falling to a 14-year low. Key points: The rate of underuse has reached a 40-year low The unemployment rate remained at 3.9% in May, with strong growth in full-time jobs The participation rate reached a new record of … Read more

Minimum wage Australia: who gets a pay rise after Fair Work Commission decision

More than 2.3 million Australian workers are finally about to pocket a big pay rise, but there are potential problems. Millions of underpaid workers will finally pocket a pay raise this year. Just after 10am (AEST) on Wednesday morning, the Fair Work Commission announced that the push by trade unions and the new Albanian government … Read more

Minimum wage Australia: Fair Work Commission announces wage increase for millions

More than 2.7 million Australian workers are finally on the verge of pocketing a big pay rise following a major announcement this morning. Millions of underpaid workers will finally pocket a pay raise this year. Just after 10am (AEST) on Wednesday morning, the Fair Work Commission announced that the push by trade unions and the … Read more

Sydney real estate: High school dropout creates $10 million property portfolio

He was making just $254 a week for his first full-time job, but now the 10-year dropout has a net worth of $10 million. A Sydney high school dropout earning just $254 a week at his first full-time job turned the tables and now has a net worth of $10 million. Daniel Walsh, now 31, … Read more

2022 elections: Anglicare report shows strong tension on minimum wage earners

A shocking situation exists for people working full-time at minimum wage in Australia, new analysis shows. A full-time minimum wage worker is left with just $29 each week after essential expenses, while a family of four earning the same rate of pay is actually $24 short of what they need to survive. Anglicare’s shocking new … Read more

The media framing of salary increases shows a deep ideological bias

The way the media frames debates about wage increases reveals that subtle but powerful class bias is alive and well in the mainstream media. When Labor’s support for pay rises is seen as ‘controversial’, while the Liberals’ opposition to pay rises is seen as ‘natural’, it shows that there is no such thing as a … Read more

Claims That Raising The Minimum Wage Risks ‘Runaway’ Inflation Are False

The wage war has become the center of public debate in the run-up to federal elections, with Albanians arguing that real wages could rise alongside productivity growth, he writes. Graham White. There IS something depressing about the current debate about raising the minimum wage. Apparently, the only way we can see the economy working properly, … Read more

Calls to Action to Raise Wages – Mornings

The demand for specific policies that deliberately raise wages is at the forefront of this election. This comes after a comprehensive review of Australia’s wage trends indicated that wage growth is likely to remain stuck at historically weak levels despite the dramatic disruptions experienced by the Australian labor market through the COVID pandemic. -19. For … Read more