Twitter users mock Matt Gaetz’s first tweet after his pardon request was made public

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) became a victim of the “forgiveness blitz” Thursday on Twitter. It happened after youThe House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol revealed that the lawmaker was one of at least five members of Congress who tried to obtain pardons from then-President Donald Trump for his … Read more

The alleged Buffalo shooter wrote about the replacement theory. You can also hear it on the Tucker Carlson show

Curiously, The Wall Street JournalThe editorial board of acknowledged the role pundits play in spreading the racist ideology echoed by Gendron, who, it should be noted, did not mention Carlson in his diatribe. “Media figures have an obligation to condemn … conspiracy notions like ‘white replacement theory,’” the board wrote in a Sunday column. However, … Read more

Matt Gaetz accidentally reminds people that he’s a loser who supposedly has to pay women for sex

While some Republicans are reportedly considering doing something, anything to help the children they want to force into the world—Senator joseph hawley claims to have had “preliminary” talks, while Senator todd young has vaguely stated that “We as a party and as a country must stand in solidarity”: Democrats are pretty sure it’s all a … Read more

Matt Gaetz Narrowly Avoids Being Called a “Smug Little Shit” in Official Congressional Record

Last June, Florida representative matt gaetz used his allotted time during a congressional hearing to attack military leadership over the Republican–manufactured claim that the US military has become a bastion of wokeism by teaching critical race theory. Unfortunately for Gaetz, the stunt clearly did not pan out as he’d hoped, and he essentially had his … Read more