Technical Outlook: Nifty is forming an uptrend on the weekly chart. What traders should do on Monday

On Friday, the headline equity index Nifty formed a small bearish candle with a small bearish shadow on the daily chart and a bullish wave on the weekly chart. Now, the index needs to break above the 18,500 zone to move up towards 18,600-18,881, while supports are placed in the 18,442 -18,250 zone, according to … Read more

india ipo: IPOs in India will be more attractive amid high interest rates

2021 saw a blockbuster period of IPOs in India. The primary markets witnessed an all-time high with 64 companies raising Rs 1.19 lakh crores through initial public offerings. Since then, the pace has dropped. Will we soon see companies going IPO? Is this the right time to invest in an IPO? We will try to … Read more

Tech View: Nifty creates red candles on daily and weekly charts. What traders should do next week

The Nifty headline index, showing support-based buying at the 18,200 zone, made a bearish candle with a long bearish shadow on the daily chart today. A red candle was also seen on the weekly chart, but no major sign of trend reversal was observed. “Nifty needs to hold above 18,250 zone to move towards 18,444 … Read more