‘Passing strange’ Albanese hasn’t addressed ISIS repatriation plan

Sky News presenter Peta Credlin says she finds it strange that neither Prime Minister Anthony Albanese nor any national security minister has given a “proper press conference” to discuss the repatriation of 16 ISIS brides and their 42 children. Ms. Credlin said that Mr. Albanese had a chance to talk about the plan on the … Read more

‘Give it 24 hours’: Elon Musk revives original Twitter takeover offer

The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Blair says we should “give Elon Musk 24 hours” after the tech billionaire revived his original offer to buy Twitter. “Let’s see what happens tomorrow with Elon Musk,” Blair told Sky News presenter Rowan Dean. “Regarding Twitter, you can’t make it any worse, you literally can’t make it any worse. “If … Read more

“No one has thought of an end” to Russia’s war against Ukraine

Sky News presenter James Morrow says no one has thought of an “end game” for Russia’s war against Ukraine. “Do people really think that Vladimir Putin will say, ‘Oh well, you know I was outmatched on the battlefield, I’ll just fall back beyond those borders’? I don’t think so,” he told the Sky News presenter, … Read more

Australia and New Zealand should be at the “cutting edge of life”

Australia and New Zealand should be modern, multi-ethnic liberal democracies, says ACT New Zealand leader David Seymour. “And every one of those words is carefully chosen,” he told Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt. Seymour said that both countries were “modern societies” and “frontier societies”. “People have traveled a long way for a better future; I … Read more

Things ‘go from bad to worse’ for Liz Truss

Sky News presenter Chris Kenny says things are “going from bad to worse” for UK Prime Minister Liz Truss. “After backing down on a widely unpopular budget, which was to deliver tax cuts for top earners, the new prime minister is now struggling to maintain control over the Tory party,” he said. He discussed the … Read more

New Zealand ‘determined to crush inflation’

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand continued to aggressively raise interest rates today, despite leadership from the Reserve Bank of Australia yesterday, which eased half a percent rate hikes. Sky News business editor Ross Greenwood says rates have risen in New Zealand by between 0.5% and 3.5%. “What you can read is that New Zealand … Read more

‘Not good enough’: media underestimates domestic violence in indigenous communities

CLP Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says the media is underestimating incidents of domestic violence in indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. “There seems to be a blanket over the media,” he told Sky News presenter Peta Credlin. “And that’s not good enough.”

Daniel Andrews showed today how ‘vengeful’ he is

Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt says Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews is a “thug” who will “sacrifice anyone” to get his way. Bolt said today that Andrews showed how “vindictive” he is after the resignation of Essendon chief executive Andrew Thorburn. “Andrews today doubled down on his vilification of Thorburn and the church of light … Read more

Reintegration of children of ISIS fighters is a ‘complex and difficult issue’

Child and adolescent psychologist Clare Rowe says the reintegration of children of Islamic State fighters from Syrian camps is a “complex and difficult issue”. The Homeland Security Committee finalized plans to bring home 16 women and 42 children after ASIO officers’ risk assessment clarified families who have been detained since the fall of the Islamic … Read more