Putin ‘completely miscalculated’ going ‘all-in’ by invading Ukraine

Former senior China analyst Paul Monk says Russian President Vladimir Putin is in “a mess” after losing “a lot” in Russia’s war with Ukraine. Monk said he believes Putin believed that NATO and the United States “could not coordinate.” “I firmly believe that Putin completely miscalculated when he went to great lengths to invade Ukraine,” … Read more

Beijing ‘needs to understand’ Biden’s ‘simple message’

ASPI’s Michael Shoebridge says US President Joe Biden’s “resolution to act” in defense of Taiwan if threatened is “exactly what Beijing needs to understand.” Biden said yesterday in Tokyo that the United States would engage militarily to defend Taiwan if necessary, saying “it is our commitment.” “If we want to dissuade Beijing from doing something … Read more

An Indigenous Voice in Parliament can only ‘divide’: Price

Incoming CLP senator Jacinta Price says she believes an Indigenous Voice in Parliament can be a way to “further divide us as a nation”. “It’s another way of dividing us as a nation in terms of ethnicity rather than treating us all as Australians,” Ms Price told Sky News presenter Chris Kenny. “Just because you’re … Read more

Couldn’t be a ‘quicker government takeover’ for Albanese

Australian senior writer Troy Bramston says any fears about Anthony Albanese’s ability to “work on the international stage” have been dispelled in a “very short period of time” when the Prime Minister attends the Quad leaders’ summit. “It’s unbelievable, it’s unbelievable…the election on Saturday, they were sworn in on Monday, and then on Tuesday and … Read more

‘I cannot imagine’ a ‘higher profile start’ for Albanese as prime minister

Political strategist and former Labor adviser Bruce Hawker says “you really can’t imagine” a “higher profile start” for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese than the Quad leaders’ summit in Tokyo. “I think it’s a good start for anyone in the role of prime minister,” Hawker told Sky News Australia. “And he has done well there; she … Read more

‘Sad comments’: Littleproud slams McGowan after Dutton’s ‘extremist’ comment

Nationals leader David Littleproud has slammed the Premier of Western Australia after Mark McGowan criticized Liberal Party leader Peter Dutton. McGowan called Dutton an “extremist” on Monday when asked if the former defense minister was a suitable candidate for the Liberal leadership job amid speculation he was asserting himself as the favorite to replace Scott … Read more

Ship of Sri Lankan asylum seekers returning labor while Operation Sovereign Borders is enforced

Acting Prime Minister Richard Marles confirmed that a ship of Sri Lankan asylum seekers was turned back from the Australian border just a day after he took office. About 15 people are understood to have been aboard the ship that was stopped by Australian border authorities on Saturday off the west coast of Christmas Island … Read more