Federal election: the Liberal Party no longer has rich seats

A look at the map after Saturday’s federal election bloodbath shows how drastically things have changed in one particular area for the Liberal Party. Some of Australia’s wealthiest electorates, seats once safely held by the Liberal Party, have been uprooted. The result is not just that the Liberal Party no longer represents the city’s upper … Read more

Federal Liberal candidate Boothby Rachel Swift yields to Labor Louise-Miller Frost

The Liberal candidate for the fringe seat of Boothby, in south Adelaide, has yielded to Labor’s Louise Miller-Frost, as the Liberal Party’s state director resigns. Key points: Liberal Rachel Swift has awarded Labor Louise Miller-Frost at Boothby Promised projects at Boothby may take years to deliver The head of the state Liberal Party resigned In … Read more

Federal Election Loser’s Payout: Frydenberg, Kenneally Eligible for Thousands

In a little-known benefit of the job, MPs who were kicked out of their seat may be eligible for a $100,000 silver lining… at the taxpayer’s expense. Taxpayers are willing to shell out more than $2 million in golden salutes to the parliamentarians and senators who were unceremoniously abandoned by voters in the May 21 … Read more

Angus Taylor says Liberal Party must focus on core values ​​after federal election loss

Outgoing minister Angus Taylor has called on the Liberal Party to return to its core values ​​after its heavy defeat in the federal election. Key points: Angus Taylor says the Liberal Party needs to get back to “core values” after election defeat. Mr Taylor has lost the Energy and Emissions Reductions portfolio but retained the … Read more

Anthony Albanese addresses the relationship with China and climate change at the Quad meeting

Anthony Albanese has declared that “China has changed” before traveling to Tokyo for a summit with three other nations that is sure to infuriate the world superpower. Anthony Albanese has declared that “China has changed” in his first foreign policy speech as prime minister ahead of a trip to Tokyo to discuss how to check … Read more

Well done Australia, now let’s fix the joint properly.

Australia’s Parliament is not the only institution that has been torn apart by the Coalition and corrupt corporate interests over the last decade, as Alan Austin reports. CONGRATULATIONS Australia! Saturday’s election result was fantastic for observers dismayed by the recent deterioration of Australia’s democracy, economy, community and global reputation. As of this writing, several seats … Read more

Liberals hurt in federal election by move to back WA hard border challenge, admits Michaelia Cash

Western Australia’s Senior Liberal Michaelia Cash said she disagreed with the federal government’s support for Clive Palmer’s legal challenge to WA’s hard border, admitting it contributed to the party’s disastrous election result. Key points: Michaelia Cash Says She Didn’t Support Backing WA Border Challenge She says Mark McGowan’s popularity fueled the WA vote Outgoing Liberal … Read more

Labor and Albanian leaders sworn in

Anthony Albanese is officially the 31st Prime Minister of Australia after a swearing-in ceremony in Canberra. Labor secured a historic victory on Saturday night but is yet to win a majority and the party so far has 72 electorates with 14 seats in doubt. Mr. Albanese’s front-line team, including Treasurer Jim Chalmers, Finance Minister Katy … Read more